The family that shoots together, stays together.


And pity the fool who breaks into a house owned by a shooting family.

Just as one violent thug attempted in Florida in recent days.

Of all of the homes Mr. Bad Guy could have picked to victimize, he chose badly in picking the Pena family (not pictured above) home.

He chose really badly.

Check out the story:

WINTER HAVEN, Florida (WSAV) – When a stranger tried to break into the Pena family home, the Penas were ready for him.

“If this guy would’ve stayed home, he’d have been alive right now,” a neighbor told Fox 13 Orlando.

Early Monday morning, the Penas woke to the sound of 40-year-old Mitchell Large trying to break into their Winter Haven home through a porch door. Undeterred by a warning shot, Large burst into the kitchen.

There, three family members – a father, a mother, and their son – were waiting for Large.  All three of them were armed.


Those opposed to gun violence might compare what happened next to a firing squad.

In a sense, they would be right.

After Mitchel was undeterred by a warning shot (not recommended, by the way), the family fired multiple rounds, rapidly and promiscuously perforating the would-be pillaging predator.

Darwin claimed another bad guy as the thug expired right there.

40-year-old Mitchel Large won’t do that again.


One thought on “An entire Florida family opens up on home invader”
  1. Chalk up another one for the good guys, this thug will not be consuming any more oxygen or taxpayer money as he would have been housed in a penal institution if left alive, and no chance that another innocent to be victimized by this low-life seeking money for drugs or just to enhance his “lifestyle”.

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