It seems almost incredulous that Louisville’s mayor would plead for law-abiding gun owners with concealed carry licenses to leave their guns at home this coming weekend for “Thunder over Louisville” given the rampaging groups of violent black youths that have plagued the downtown areas in that city for weeks now.

Gun owners aren’t amused.  The mayor said “things can escalate” when gun owners bring their guns.

Well, no kidding, mayor.  They can escalate VERY unfavorably for individuals like the two who were arrested for one recent weekend’s random violent attacks.

Gun owners are taking the mayor to task for creating the impression that card-carrying good guys with guns are the problem and they are most certainly not planning to leave their guns at home.

In fact, if anything given the recent publicity of the out-of-control mob violence, gun owners who ordinarily might not have carried, will almost assuredly be packing heat to help assure their own families’ safety for this coming weekend’s event.

Gun owners not pleased with Mayor Fischer’s Thunder request

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is asking gun owners to leave their firearms at home during this weekend’s Thunder Over Louisville. His comments aren’t sitting well with gun owners.

Following a rash of teen violence in downtown Louisville in late March, gun owners have been vocal about their choice to carry a firearm. Many have told WDRB through interviews, phone calls and social media that the violence downtown is why they chose to carry.

But despite the mob violence that took place in and around Waterfront Park the night of March 22, officials are assuring people that Thunder Over Louisville is safe.

“There’s plenty of protection there, and we just ask people to use common sense when they come down to Thunder,” said Fischer.

Common sense that Mayor Fischer says includes leaving your guns at home — as he discourages those with conceal and carry permits to bring their own form of protection.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea,” said Fischer. “Obviously they have a right to do that, but things can escalate when that takes place.”

The mayor’s comments have received a lot of attention on the WDRB Facebook page.

One person wrote: “He [Fischer] doesn’t seem to realize that people with permits are law abiding citizens and the criminals are the ones that carry illegally.”

Another post reads: “…By telling people not come carrying he is advertising to thugs and punks it is safe to come and wreak havoc…”

13 thoughts on “SIMPLE MAYOR: Louisville mayor pleads with gun owners to leave guns at home this weekend”
  1. Wonder if the Mayor will leave his bodyguards at home and stroll down the streets? He says “There’s plenty of protection there”, so he doesn’t need any additional “protection”.

    I think I know the answer to that question.

  2. I wouldn’t go to Louisville until this problem is fixed.

    One thing they taught us in class was to avoid potential confrontations.

    Visiting Louisville at the present time is a risk no prudent man should undertake, in my opinion.


  3. Maybe the mayor should imvited other police departments to have a rolling active K-9 training named ” Bark like a Shark ” event versus Thunder over Louisville. Now re-named for the mayor ” sock puppet parade.

  4. As much as that looks like an impressive fireworks display, I suspect the better part of valor would demand the law-abiding folks stay home with their guns.

  5. Surely this “low-information” mayor will lead by example and leave his own firearms at home along with his security patrol and any and all police that have the responsibility to patrol the area, after all, there’s plenty of “protection” there!/sarc.

  6. The NRA convention is slated to be in Louisville in 2016.

    Maybe the NRA should reconsider.

    1. Oh, I guarantee you the urban “yoots” will be well-behaved that weekend, just as they were in STL a year or two ago.


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