Simeon Adams.

The 16-year-old above is a monster who is now in police custody for a spree of armed robberies where he shot his victims, twice each.

Simeon Adams is the poster child for why we carry.

There are monsters out there.

Monsters who should have been run through a wood chipper at an early age, but who are instead preying upon innocent people for their “nourishment”.

This monster shot and killed a 24-year-old newlywed with a good job and a pregnant wife at home in Indianapolis on April 1st.  If his victim Nathan Trapuzzano had a concealed carry piece and better situational awareness, his story would probably have had an entirely different ending.

Instead, Trapuzzano was shot and left for dead.  And he died.

Ironically, the same kid was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to *his own* neck hours later.  Did he pull the same stunt with a CCW holder who perforated him or was it a fellow criminal.  We don’t know at this point, but will be heading over to INGO to see if they know.

Sadly, Simeon’s injuries weren’t fatal.

Here’s a more recent photo.

Police arrest 16-year-old boy in murder of newlywed, father-to-be in Indianapolis
Murder suspect, Simeon Adams, was found hospitalized with a gunshot wound to his neck only hours after 24-year-old Nathan Trapuzzano was fatally shot while taking a walk on April 1, according to Indianapolis police.

BY Nina Golgowski
Simeon Adams, 16, was arrested and charged as an adult Tuesday for the brutal murder of 24-year-old Nathan Trapuzzano on April 1.

A 16-year-old boy has been arrested and charged as an adult with the senseless murder of a 24-year-old newlywed and father-to-be while he was taking a walk last week in Indiana.

Simeon Adams was found hospitalized with a gunshot wound to his neck only hours after the fatal shooting of Nathan Trapuzzano on April 1, according to Indianapolis police.

The software engineer who was expecting his first child next month was taking a morning walk just before 6 a.m. when Adams allegedly shot him twice in a suspected robbery.

For Trapuzzano’s widow, who’s pregnant with a girl, word of an arrest went from expected relief to renewed anguish once informed of the suspect’s age.
24-year-old Nathan Trapuzzano was shot and killed for no apparent reason while on his early morning walk around his westside Indianapolis neighborhood. Trapuzzano, who was recently married, was expecting his first child with wife Jennifer. Facebook Nathan Trapuzzano, seen with his wife Jennifer, was shot and killed for no apparent reason while enjoying his early morning walk around his westside Indianapolis neighborhood.

“Oh how my already wounded heart aches to hear this,” Jennifer Trapuzzano posted on Facebook Tuesday. “Nate always said one of the greatest crimes in the world today is how many babies grow up without their father. I don’t know this man’s circumstances but it hurts to hear that such a young man could turn to such violence. Please pray for his conversion.”

Shockingly, the shooting of Trappuzzano isn’t the only one Adams is wanted for.

Police say he also faces charges in an unrelated shooting of another man just two days before, on March 30.

24-year-old Nathan Trapuzzano was shot and killed for no apparent reason while on his early morning walk around his westside Indianapolis neighborhood. Trapuzzano, who was recently married, was expecting his first child with wife Jennifer. handout The recently wed couple were just one month away from expecting their first child together.

In that attack police say the victim, identified as Erick Douglas, was shot twice by Adams.



More information on this walking piece of debris, courtesy of “The Indy Channel” – ABC 6.

According to court documents, Adams used a stolen gun in the killing. Investigators said Adams and another man are accused of stealing several firearms last month from C & C Midwest Firearms in Clermont.

Rev. Charles Harrison with the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition said he chased Adams and a group of teens out of a gas station parking lot last week. He said Adams had a gun in his hoodie.

“We called 911 because we wanted to alert the police that this young man and some of the other young men that was with him had guns on them,” Harrison said.

Adams has been in handcuffs on and off since 2007. Arrest reports indicate he has continued to get caught with guns, drugs and various stolen goods for years.

Adams’ two gun arrests were both in 2013. In October, police said he was caught with a stolen pistol after he and a friend were zipping around on a scooter near 29th and Harding streets.

Two months later in December, Adams was caught with another gun. Police said a woman’s car was stolen as she fueled up at the Sunoco gas station on Martin Luther King Jr. Street. When the car was found, Adams was nearby with marijuana and a loaded .38-special pistol, police said.

In another arrest last year, Adams was caught carrying a flat-screen TV from a home that had just been burglarized near west 31st Street, records said. Police said he was wearing latex gloves during that crime.

Adams was caught in another stolen car in July and was released to his father without facing any charges.

Before all of those arrests, police were called to the Indianapolis Math and Science Academy on West 38th Street in 2009 as Adams was being expelled from the eighth grade for causing trouble and threatening to kill himself, police said.

Adams’ troubled past dates as far back as 2007 when he was 9 years old. Police said he and three friends were arrested for tossing huge rocks onto traffic from the Interstate-65 bridge at MLK Street.

Where is Richard Kern when you need him?

7 thoughts on “WHY WE CARRY: In a word… monsters. UPDATED”
  1. He’s a good poster child for why we carry.

    It’s too bad we need to carry to protect ourselves from “kids” like this.

    And, for the record, I like how the family provided a picture from four long years ago to the media. I guess they thought his booking photo wasn’t quite as flattering.

    In any event, he looks like a mope even at 12.


  2. This guy’s family should be held accountable. This wasn’t his first stolen gun. Did they know about it? His family helped to create this monster. They helped to rob that unborn girl of her father. Will they be held accountable? What about all the Judges and Social workers? He has been in and out of the system for years. They knew all about this guy. Yet no one in the government did anything to stop it.

    I’m a health care worker. If I see anything that remotely looks like child abuse, I am mandated to report it. The same thing goes for the new FOID reporting requirements. If I fail to report something, I can be held liable for it (remember what happened to a certain psychologist and University in Denver a couple of years ago).

    John, you are exactly right on this. You cannot trust the government to protect you. They refuse to be held accountable. They cannot respond quickly enough.

    The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy (or girl) with a gun.

  3. Just a slightly different trajectory and this scumbab would not be costing the taxpayers a lot of money.

  4. Yeah, the parents should be held liable for this monster’s actions, but an even bigger question is nagging me:

    Why the #&%$ wasn’t this thug locked up after his first or second gun arrest back in 2013?

    There are several, law-abiding citizens (most of Indianapolis) who would be much better off (and some still living) if this murderer-to-be had been locked-up in October 2013; not let out to perpetrate even greater felonies.

    There are instances of youthful indiscretions, or kids doing stupid (but harmless) mischief, but it should have been CLEAR that this lil’ gangstah was in a completely different category.

    Some blame HAS TO be placed (and accepted) by the Justice System.

  5. Is this an example of the next step of the “knock-out games”?! This little punk thug, one who could be a “son of 0bama”, has learned through his short life that there are no “consequenses” to his rampant crime spree, so he has just escalated in his crimes. Do you suppose that he will be given another “chance” with minimal penalties because of his young age? Let’s hope this piece of excrement faces the death penalty soon, there is no rehabilitation in him.

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