Anti-gun fanatic Kelly Cassidy (D-Moonbattery) is trying to make hay out of the fact that the National Rifle Association’s man in Illinois, Todd Vandermyde, is lobbying for legislation to change a law he was ticketed for last year.

Kelly Cassidy is the openly homosexual Illinois House member who cried on the Illinois House floor last spring when the gay marriage law wasn’t called for a vote before adjournment of the spring session.  We’re pretty confident that Kelly Cassidy, the lesbian representative,  never lobbied a soul for the gay marriage bill.  No sir.  She’s just as clean and pure as the wind-driven snow.

Anyway, she and some other anti-gunners in Illinois got hold of an arrest report where Illinois Conservation Police ticketed Vandermyde for failing to case up a crossbow he had onboard an ATV he was driving around on private land last year.

One of the officers wrote in the report that Vandermyde had a “very aggravated and disrespectful tone”.  In other words, Mr. Vandermyde failed to welcome their warrantless intrusion onto private property with sufficient vigor.

Following the citation, which was paid promptly, Vandermyde used his familiarity with state government to petition for redress of grievances, and Kelly Cassidy and her allies at the shrinking Illinois gun-control lobby are not happy with that.

Even though the homosexual Kelly Cassidy surely did the same thing in her work to change the Prairie State’s law when it comes to homosexual marriage.

Meanwhile, while the Chicago Sun-Times tries to milk this dead cow for all it’s worth, the same newspaper barely mentioned Democrat California state senator Leland Yee’s arrest for gun trafficking, corruption and bribery charges.  Yee, one of California’s most rabidly anti-gun legislators, has worked for over a decade to strip Californian’s of their guns while at the same time worked to arm islamic terrorists and rebels with machine guns and shoulder-fired rockets.

It is clear that the anti-gun community in Illinois is frustrated by Todd Vandermyde’s great success and effectiveness as a lobbyist in Illinois.  Unable to rebut him on the issues in a public forum, they are left trying to sully his name in a personal attack upon him.

You know you’re getting results when your enemies attack you.

We’re seeing some of that with the Coalition to Prevent Gun Ownership in their Facebook post attacking Guns Save Life for writing that Moms Demand Action prostituted themselves to Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Guns.

Thanks GSGV for ginning up about 20,000 extra unique visits from people stopping by GSL to see what the hubbub was all about.


Here’s the Sun-Time story today:

SPRINGFIELD  — After a state conservation officer ticketed the National Rifle Association’s Illinois lobbyist last December for breaking a hunting law, the gun-rights advocate dutifully paid his $120 fine.

But Todd Vandermyde, one of Springfield’s most powerful and effective lobbyists, didn’t stop there.

A month later, he worked with one legislator to rewrite the law he broke.

And not long after that, he enlisted help from House Minority Leader Jim Durkin, R-Western Springs, to carry legislation that, at least initially, would have greatly restrained the authority of Department of Natural Resources police officers to venture onto private property.

“I had a run-in with a couple of cops and because of it, it educated me about the law, and I thought there were some inequities of the law that needed fixed,” Vandermyde told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Vandermyde’s efforts can’t undo the misdemeanor now on his record or get his money back. Nor are they likely to affect his eligibility to obtain a concealed carry permit under a milestone gun-rights law he helped author last year.

But they demonstrate what happens when two seemingly immovable objects — a conservation cop who enforces state law and a lobbyist who has gotten exceptionally good at writing state law — butt heads.

At least one state legislator with whom Vandermyde has battled on gun-control issues thinks he is severely out of line, a view that has ignited a bitter back-and-forth between the two along the same fault lines that have existed for years.

“Look, I like Todd. I do, in spite of myself,” said state Rep. Kelly Cassidy, D-Chicago, a gun-control advocate and a lead architect of the state’s same-sex marriage law. “But if I got a ticket and changed the law because I got a ticket, people would be screaming bloody murder. I don’t think it’s any different when someone with the level of influence and access that he has does it, too,” she said.

But those critical of his behavior in this case, like Cassidy, “hate the Second Amendment, and they really hate the First Amendment to boot, that little thing about petitioning government for grievances,” Vandermyde said. “That’s what I do all day.”

9 thoughts on “LAME HYPOCRISY: Anti-gun lesbian legislator attacks NRA lobbyist for pet issue lobbying”
  1. When you are writing a new Constitution and Bill of My Rights, petitioning the government for grievances is not included.

  2. As a land owner in my opinion you can get rid of the DNR and at the same time you can repeal the FOID card and decouple form the 68GCA.

    Has a land owner I should have a say on who can come on my property.

    P.S> Todd needs to start picking apart these laws one at a time. He realized the law that was used against him was wrong and got it changed now he needs to do the same for the rest of us.


  3. I’m trying not to be cynical here, but Kelly Cassidy must really be a piece of work.

    It’s okay for her to lobby for her personal interests, but Todd can’t do the same?

    Rights for me, but not for yee?

    For those who didn’t read it, Cassidy is challeged about her hypocrisy at the end of the story:

    “It’s a little different to change the law when you’re being discriminated against than to change a law when you break it,” she said. “There’s a little difference.”

    No, Kelly. There’s no difference at all. Besides, how are you discriminated against? Is “the man” holding you back from success?


  4. Someone please help me understand what happened to Todd…

    If I am on my own property (or an invited guest on someone else’s property), and I am driving around in an ATV and have not encased my cross bow (or rifle?), then a DNR officer can come onto private property without permission and ticket me?

    As for Ms. Cassidy, the best way to deal with her and a political machine that elevates moonbats to positions of power and authority is for down state citizens to stop voting for democrats.

    1. That’s right, the fish cops can go on private property with out a reason or a warrant.

  5. “is for down state citizens to stop voting for democrats.”

    There aren’t enough of us “downstaters” to make up for the Chicago folks voting for a living. Especially when they the Chicagoans vote early and often – and even from the grave.

    1. Jon when my son was in High school he came home one day telling the story of how Illinois became a State. It seems that the vote for statehood was going to fail but at the last minute votes were found in a mud hut village called Chicago. Historians studing the history of Illinois realized the people voting for statehood from the mud hut village were already in the grave.
      I wonder if their still voting today?

  6. Seems to me that to many official’s push the laws past the intended purpose of the law to push their own views.

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