We’re growing.

Guns Save Life’s entry into the gun blog world in the third quarter of 2012 wasn’t without a bump or two (such as when our service provider literally pulled the rug out from under us), but we’ve grown.

We thought we would share our stats with the whole wide world…  and our advertisers.

Last quarter, we had almost 1.1m page views and 888,389 unique visitors.

Oh yeah, that’s just shy of 10,000 unique visitors per day.

Our US website ranking, per Alexa, as of this morning is 248,366

About 93% of our visitors are here in the good-old USA.  Surprisingly, less than 15% of our traffic is from here in Illinois, so our scope is nationwide, even though we’re an admittedly Illinois-centric blog, just as we’re an Illinois-centric gun rights organization.

When we started, we considered it a major milestone the first time we had a thousand unique visitors in a day.  We would include those early stats, but we don’t have them any more (see reference to service provider that pulled our service and our server) anymore.

Today, 10,000 isn’t uncommon, and we had our first 100k day earlier this year as well.

Why the disparity in page views?  I think (and I’m not an IT pro) that we had a couple of loopholes that spam bots were trying to take advantage of.  We think we’ve got those plugged last fall, and hence the robotic viewers are now blocked.

We’re doing pretty well for an all-volunteer gun blog.

In fact, Guns Save Life is a 100% volunteer organization, from the guys who help us picking up our GunNews magazines at the printers to the man at the top.  Nobody is paid a salary in this organization.

Yes, we’re spread pretty thin, so cut us some slack when your membership paperwork doesn’t come in a week or two.  If you would like to join, click here.

If you would like to advertise, click here.

Thanks for helping us grow and get our pro-civil rights message out!


6 thoughts on “GSL: A look under the hood…”
  1. This is the REAL news site for all the good stuff and I love the ventilated bad guys stories big time !!!!. That blows me away that only 15 % of the traffic is actually Illinois folks. Hello Brothers and Sisters nation wide !!!!

  2. Yes and I thank you all again , however I am still in the ‘fannypac ‘ mode .as I haven’t got my c.c permit yet . But I go to the post office every day, anxiously awaiting its arrival , and again , I thank you !

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