We often say that gun control advocates are looking to recreate past tyrannies with their efforts to disarm the citizenry and keep them helpless against victimization.

Leland Yee, the rabidly gun-hating Democrat from California was just such a man.

He was just arrested this past week on corruption, bribery and arms trafficking charges.

It’s worse than you might imagine.

Democrat Leland Yee worked to provide arms to islamic terrorists, while working to take arms away from law-abiding Californians.

Democrat Leland Yee offered to provide shoulder-fired missiles to islamist insurgents, while sponsoring and promoting legislation to outlaw America’s favorite rifle.

Democrat Leland Yee worked to arm a Filipino islamic rebel group in their efforts to terrorize the civilian populations and overthrow the democratically elected government there.

He sought to make himself a true tyrant, in the interest of enriching himself.

What a low-life scumbag.

Democrat Leland Yee should hang from a rope for his crimes.

(Modern Luxury / SF Magazine) – If you thought the charges against Leland Yee would be bad, you had no idea. As in, he offered to set up an arms deal with Islamic rebels for $2 million in cash. As in, he has ties to a gangster named Shrimp Boy. As in, he makes corrupt state senator Clay Davis from The Wire look like George Washington. You can read the whole affidavit here, but it’s really, really long, so we’ve gone ahead and pulled out the highlights. The allegations (and for now they are only that—allegations) are cinematic, staggering, and remarkable in their scope. Here they are, in descending order of sheeeeeeeeeeeit:

Yee told an FBI agent to give him a shopping list of guns: “Senator Yee asked [the agent] to provide an inventory list of desired weapons […] [The agent] told Yee he would deliver $2,000,000 cash.”

Yee could arrange from some serious firepower: “[The agent] asked about shoulder fired automatic weapons. Senator Yee responded by saying the automatic weapons are the equivalent to the “M16″ Automatic Service Weapon […] [The agent] asked about the availability of shoulder fire missiles or rockets. Senator Yee responded ‘I told him about the rockets and things like that.'”

Yee took personal responsibility for delivering the weapons:  “Senator Yee said, ‘We’re interested’ in arranging the weapons deal […] and said of the arms dealer, ‘He’s going to rely on me, because ultimately it’s going to be me. [The agent] stated he would compensate Yee for brokering the relationship and arms deal.”

Yee was in it for the cash: “Senator Yee said, ‘Do I think we can make some money? I think we can make some money. Do I think we can get the good? I think we can get the goods.'”

Yee masterminded a complex scheme to import illegal weapons: “Keith Jackson [a political consultant who worked as Yee’s fundraiser] told [an agent] that Senator Yee had a contact who deals in arms trafficking. This purported arms dealer was later identified. Jackson requested [a campaign donation] on behalf of Senator Yee, for Senator Yee to facilitate a meeting with arms dealer with the intent of [the agent] to purportedly purchase a large number of weapons to be imported through the Port of Newark, New Jersey. During a meeting […] Senator Yee discussed certain details of the specific types of weapons [the agent] was interested in buying and importing.”

Yee had connection with Filipino rebel groups: “Keith Jackson advised that Senator Yee had an unidentified Filipino associate who was supplying ‘heavy’ weapons to rebel groups in the Philippines.”

Including Muslim terrorists: “According to Senator Yee, Mindanao was largely population by Muslim rebel groups who were fighting the federal government. Yee continued by saying the Muslim rebels had no problem ‘kidnapping individuals, killing individuals, and extorting them for ransom.”

In specific the Moro Islamic Liberation Front: “[The agent] asked about the major Muslim organizations in the Mindanao region of the Philippines. Senator Yee responded by saying ‘M.I.L.F.'”

There’s more.  Lots more.


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  1. His bail was low enough to pay out cash, he’s breathing free air on the left coast while awaiting trial.

  2. Typical Antigunner, but what do you people really expect. The American people as a whole are willing to prostitute themselves in WHATS IN IT FOR ME and damn the Constitution. Most of them have never read it or know the sacrifices required to sustain it. They actually sicken me

  3. Hey!……….Everybody on the left “knows” the Tea Party set him up…….the FBI…..they got thier own problems……….

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