Where is Bruce Rauner on guns?

He’s been pretty elusive, pretty much limiting his comments to praise of his “huntin’ dog”.

Mike Rowe – no, not that Mike Rowe but instead the one from Illinois Carry – posted of an experience he had before the primary with Bruce Rauner over at AR15.com.

Take it for what it’s worth.  GSL’s Don Huskey got absolutely nowhere with Rauner at a Republican event in Effingham, also pre-primary.

Rowe writes he had a little better luck…

A couple of weeks ago, Rauner did a bus stop in my home town.
He was only there for about 30 minutes…This is my brief encounter with him.
He went through the line shaking hands with everyone and I asked him if an Assault Weapons Ban hit Gov. Rauner’s desk what would he do with it…”Veto it”. So I ask if any other anti-gun bills hit his desk, what would Gov. Rauner do with them? “Veto them, we have enough gun laws” I asked his Lt. Gov. running mate about gun issue and she said that she is with me…Her family are from Cuba where they confiscated the guns and then the land.
So, after Rauner did his little speech, I asked same question for a public statement…He did the usual politician song and dance and said we had enough laws, we need to strengthen our CC law…So I came back with “does that mean you would veto an assault weapons ban? He danced around some more and I let him off the hook.
After the speech, he came back to me and started explaining he couldn’t make that statement publicly and I stopped him by saying that I understood that he would get friend up north with that statement. He assured me that he was with the gun owners.

My takeaway…
He isn’t necessarily strong pro-gun but, I think he might be strong not-anti-gun. He is a politician and NOTHING can be counted on and everything should be viewed with suspicion. He can’t make strong pro-2A statements and get elected. Is he better than Quinn on guns? LIGHT YEARS ahead of that piece of crap!

There’s more…

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  1. He wasn’t my first choice in the primary; fourth actually but he is now the “R” for governor. This does sound encouraging from what I had heard before now and I can understand not making a public statement. I am not crazy about him but will give him my vote and a fair chance. I also don’t see 2A being high on his priorities but that is a lot better than Potatohead who is rabidly anti 2A. Jim.

  2. The prominent office in the State Capitol belongs to Mike Madigan. His office is on the top floor overlooking everything with a big backlit sign over the door. His office and that sign are a statement: “I own this place”. The Chicago machine and Madigan’s reign will continue until down state voters stop voting for democrats.

    I agree that Rauner would probably be better than Quinn on almost every issue, including 2A issues. But the real problem in Illinois is the Chicago machine and all of the corrupt politicians that are part of that machine.

    1. one thing for Rauner, his big issue from the beginning has been term limits. Even if they exempt everyone currently in office, it still means that once Madigan et al pass on to wherever good Democrats go when they die (probably the same place good Communists go), the ones that come next will be term limited. It’s a giant step towards getting rid of some of the corruption in this state.

  3. Don’t let the (R) behind Rauner’s name fool you, his blood runs blue.

    From a Republican standpoint, Rauner’s history with Emanuel is particularly troubling. In April, [2013] the Washington Times Communities reported:

    “Rauner’s firm’s purchase of SecurityLink from SBC Ameritech was one of the first big deals Rahm Emanuel put together after his sudden conversion to investment banker in the 1990s. The SBC deal would not have happened but for Rahm’s insider connections to the Clinton White House.

    “According to the Chicago Tribune at the time, a Clinton-era regulatory deadline would have forced SBC to divest itself of SecurityLink. Instead, SBC financed all but $100 million of GTCR’s $479 million purchase of the firm. GTCR, under Rauner’s leadership, resold the company for $1 billion, earning a quick $500 million on its investment less than six months later.

    “In a two-year stint, Rahm picked up $16.2 million in fees and was made managing director of the investment banking firm Wasserstein Perella. No experience required. Emanuel had never had a job outside of politics before. Rauner has been a close friend, key advisor, and donor to Emanuel ever since.

    “But that wasn’t to be Rauner’s first encounter with Democrat pay-to-play politics.

    “Reports have been surfacing about Rauner’s contributions to Democrat Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania. According to Crain’s, Rauner sent Rendell a check for $200,000 in 2001 after meeting with his aides in Chicago. Just before the election Rendell received another $100,000 check.

    “According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Rauner’s firm was already managing $110 million in pension funds for the State Employee Retirement System in Pennsylvania before the election. After Rendell became governor, the state doubled its stake in GTCR funds to $226 million, earning the firm more than $4 million in fees.

    “Campaign finance records reveal that Rauner and his wife are long time major contributors to Democrats and Democrat party committees. The Rauners have continued to use that paid political clout to their advantage.”

  4. Rauner can make all the promises he wants, he knows Madigan and Cullerton will prevent them and he can say “well,I tried”.

  5. Rauner’s no Republican. He’s no Conservative.

    That much is CRYSTAL CLEAR.

    Whomever ya vote for, don’t reward him for his corruption.

    Quinn may be a potatohead, but he’s a known potatohead.

    Rauner could be a Bloomberg in disguise.

    HE’s no “R” that is for sure.

  6. He pretty much can’t be worse than Quinn, who vetoed concealed carry, raised state income taxes by 67% “temporarily”, then said this week that he wants to make the increase permanent… and the state is still broke. Nevermind all the other issues with gang members getting ‘get out of jail free’ cards, Illinois being 49th out of 50 states in unemployment, about the same in terms of economic growth, businesses leaving the state in droves, and all the other stupidity going on in this messed up state.

  7. I really dont see Rauner as a bloomberg,, he cares about his money too much to throw it away on a cause he wont profit from. Yes he has made donations that are troubling. They were made to people that would be good for his business to make them profitable. He is always concerned with his bottom line. Is he a conservative or a true republican? I personally dont think so but I dont think he will do anything to piss off his base on the second amendment. I think he will be more concerned with the the financial situation of the state and try to run this state like a business and get us into the black to prove how good of a businessman he is. It may be what the state needs. He wasn’t in my top 3of choices either way but I would prefer to take my chances with him over another term if quinn in office.

  8. At this point, I’ll take half a loaf in Rauner over crumbs from Quinn.

    It’s too bad either Quinn or Rauner were successful in demonizing Dan Rutherford.


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