Smile. Wait for flash, scumbag.

Something to cheer you up on a dreary Thursday.

Guns Save Life of the innocent guy.  End shortened the career of a thug from Detroit.  What’s not to like, right?

Redford, MI (Detroit Free Press) – A Jet’s Pizza delivery driver fired shots at two men who attempted to rob him Saturday night when they posed as customers, Redford police said.

The driver was making a delivery to a residence in the 9900 block of Grayfield when one of the males grabbed him and the other produced a handgun and demanded his money.

Police said the driver, who lawfully possesses a firearm, shot at the suspects, then fled the area and called 911. The suspects also fled the area in a waiting vehicle.

One of the suspects, Clarence Sanders, 27, of Detroit, was later located at a local hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, and another suspect was arrested Monday night. Sanders was arraigned Monday in the hospital on an armed robbery charge.

3 thoughts on “DETROIT: Depraved thugs branch out to suburb, get shot there too”
  1. My wife says it’s not nice to feel good about someone getting killed.

    She and I will have to disagree when it’s a predatory scumbag who would kill for as little as a pizza and a few dollars.

    Nice job, Mr. Driver.

  2. Watched some forensic show last night where a pizza delivery guy was set up by “customers”. Unfortunately in that case the pizza guy was killed.

    1. TV is scripted by anti-white, anti-gun Hollywood crooks. Even the “news” is scripted.

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