You should read this.

It’s at American Handgunner.

“Unlikely Allies” is the title.

Here’s an excerpt:

“They told us capitalism was wrong because lots of power could be held by a relatively small group,” Purple-Stripe explained. “But it’s clear they want to replace it with a system where another even smaller group has absolute power, with the brute force of the state to enforce it. Not happening; I’ll die first. That’s why it’s important for them to disarm us. And that’s why we have these guns. The founding fathers warned us.” She shook her curls. “Strange, isn’t it, I had to leave college to get an education?”

They prize self-reliance; they’re vehemently opposed to Nanny-State social programs, mass government surveillance and cyber-snooping. They generally support the police, but not a police state. They work, often at menial, low-paying jobs, but they’ve discovered the inherent dignity of a job well done, and they support each other loyally. They’re suspicious and distrustful of older generations, whom they see as having given up their revolutionary heritage without firing a shot. They’re not planning to fire that first shot, but like Captain John Parker at Lexington, they feel, “If they want a war, let it begin here.”

One thought on “Our new allies… the Millennial Orphans”
  1. “Illustrated kids”, I like that description. “Millennial Orphans”, what an apt name.

    Great article, and something for us old geezers (and the rest of you) to think about.

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