ISRA’s Political Victory Fund has endorsed Kirk Dillard for the Republican nomination for Governor.

We must say, Dillard visited Guns Save Life a couple of months ago and impressed us as well.  GSL is unable to make endorsements because of tax law reasons.

Rutherford also made a great impression at his visits as well.


28 thoughts on “ISRA endorses DILLARD for Governor”
    1. Read the article and look at the comments of Dem tio hardiman. He’s more pro-gun than everyone. He claims he doesnt support gun bans

  1. Scott: thanks for the link.

    Rutherford would be my personal choice, but his scandal has pretty much toasted him.

    Brady is good, but can’t get his poll numbers up.

    Dillard? I reckon he’s evolving. We liked what we heard at the GSL meeting in November when he (Dillard) was there.


    1. I don’t think the “scandal” is hurting Rutherford as much as those who brought it up are hoping. I wonder if it was Roundhead Rouner or ol’ Clueless potatohead that slung that mud, but I didn’t believe it from the git-go and those who have supported Rutherford have a hard time believeing it too. Typical Chitcago mudslinging political garbage, as far as I can see. Throw it out, even if it doesn’t stick it is out there and the lamestream won’t find the “root” perp. because it is not their chosen one.

    2. Jon I cant vote for Dillard if he says he would support a Gun Ban. I just dont support gun control. Dillard stabbed gun owners in the back on HB1189 back in 2003 or 2004. He allowed an AW ban to come to the floor for a vote claiming the ISRA needed a lesson. Why dont you guys remember this. Dillard is not our friend.

      Was he asked about gun bans when he talked to GCL. What did he say?

    3. I wrote down the wrong Bill number it was SB1195 from 2003. It was a semi-auto ban and confiscation bill. Dillard played games with that bill claiming the gun lobby needed a lesson.
      Dillard also done TV ads for Obama in 2008 and this is the guy the ISRA wants for gov?

  2. I can’t support someone who wants a ban… Hopefully I’ll get a promotion with a transfer at work and leave for some place more free soon.

    1. I Too would like to leave Illinois. Illinois just doesnt appeal to me anymore. You got to have permission to own a gun a permit to ride a 4 wheel on your own land and the taxes are way to high. Add in the low information voter problem and Illinois stinks!. Then to think the best we can do is Kirk Dullard

  3. I also have a big problem with Dillard on the “assault weapons ” issue. has he changed his mind since a few weeks ago ? THANKS Scott for the link.

  4. So he said some nice stuff when visiting a group of pro-gun folks, and we’re supposed to disregard that he told AP he’d support a ban of America’s Favorite Rifle ™, also known as the most popular and effective (for the average Joe) Personal Defense Weapon out there?


    They’re all liars, but this one already TOLD YOU HE SUPPORTS A BAN. At least governor Jello would face Republican opposition and push-back from his own down-state party members. A gun-banning RINO in the mansion would steamroll a ban right through. Screw Dillard.

    1. Amen to that J.C.! I got the ISRA e-mail notice today too and was dissapointed when I read it

  5. I have a hard time believing or trusting a Chicago politician, especially a rinopublican. My choice was Brady 4 years ago and will probably go with him in the primary, although I do like Rutherford as well. I have to vote my conscience even if it is said to be not optimal in the scheme of things. Dillard says what we want to hear but I have heard it before. Brady has been consistant and we need a downstate governor to counter all the big-city legislators in the statehouse. I think Brady can make it as even some democrats are (hopefully) fed up with ol’ Clueless potatohead Quinn.

  6. Dillard is ok with banning America’s Favorite Rifle…. send him to Connecticut, we don’t want him here.

    1. Amen, Jakebob, I’d donate a couple bucks to send him on his way if he won’t come back.

  7. Why can’t we ever get one good strong conservative, of which there is no doubt on the issues? They managed to do it in Wisconsin, and they are not that different from Illinois.

  8. Has anyone considered that he tailors his message for the audience… including the AP?


    1. Exactly, John, we don’t need a chameleon that says and does whatever the crowd around him wants to hear or see done. Politics is already full of them, we need a LEADER that stands on principle.

    2. Almost all politicians tailor their message depending on their audience. That’s why you can never really trust them. Who’s he lying to … us or them?

      While I personally *may* consider what somebody says, I always look to actions as being louder than words.

      The one thing we know for a fact about our friend Kirk, is that back in 2007 he voted to make all of us FELONS for possessing standard capacity magazines. As in one felony count for every single standard capacity magazine in your possession after the first one … I’m assuming that would put you in the triple digits, John!


  9. Personally I am not happy with this endorsement. The group that Drafted the FOID card law, now wants us to vote for a guy that has undermined gun owners over the last 10yrs.

    I will vote for Brady, even if some believe he is the lessor of evils

    1. Not defending the endorsement, but setting the record straight:

      ISRA didn’t draft the carry bill.

      Michael Madigan wrote it.

      For the record.


    2. For the record –

      The ISRA SUPPORTED the “carry bill”.
      And so did you , john.

  10. Another story showing Dillard’s contempt for Illinois gun owners

  11. Ive become very disinchanted with the isra starting with their “neutral” stance on the crappy
    Carry bill and now dillard?

  12. I also will not be voting for Dillard. Just got a flier in my mailbox from the Illinois federation of teachers endorsing him and that can’t be good. Let me be clear that I am not a teacher nor am I in a union and I absolutely despise unions. If someone is taking money from them they can not be trusted it is that simple. I’d trust dan or bill any day over the other 2. I like Rauner’s idea about term limits but I just don’t believe that he would actually get it done and I really don’t understand why someone like him would spend so much of his own money to try to be governor of Illinois given the reputation of our wonderful state.

    1. It’s a “power” thing with “roundhead” Rauner, he is trying to buy the governorship with his massive media buys, but he is in bed with the chitcago “progressives” big time, unions and all. I think he is a G. Soros “mini-me” wanna-be, relying on his wealth to put him “in charge” and not his experience. He is a “chitcago businessman” that knows how to “grease-the-skids” of the political class to get what he wants.

  13. Dillard sponsored and pushed through the National Popular Vote Legislation. That IS LAW today. No defender of the government of republican form could EVER support such nefarious and devious legislation. It undermines our form of government at it’s very core. It’s what DEMOCRATS support because it takes nationwide just how Quinn got elected – population centers run roughshod over the rest! Can you say three counties??

    Do your research and see that only a DEMOCRAT can support NPV legislation – because it’s core is to remove all limitations on the democratic vote, making it all powerful. IOW, the OPPOSITE of our Republic. Dillard is no republican.

    True it is that ALL the candidates are pathetic.
    Think about HOW THAT CAN BE! And you will realize that the fix is in long before any voter even thinks about going to vote. And the only way to deal with that is to withhold your vote from the liars and thieves. Dillard WILL screw you folks who vote for him. Bet on it.

    1. We are used to it, f&d, after all, we are in ILL-annoy. I, myself, still keep hoping for the best and vote my conscience no matter what, even if others believe my choice is a “wasted” vote, I can sleep well at night knowing I am true to my beliefs. Just the way I was raised, I guess.

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