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The US Army will now be issuing soldiers the M3 Carl Gustaf, an 84mm recoilless rifle.

The new “gun” is reloadable, with an effective range of nearly a mile, and comes equipped with a night-vision sight.

FoxNews – The U.S. Army is bringing in the really, really big guns.

Regular units will soon be issued a Swedish-built “recoilless” rifle that can fire an 84-mm. projectile nearly a mile and has the power to take out a tank. The 15-pound guns, which soldiers hold just above the shoulder to fire…

…the guns, which are equipped with a night-vision scope that runs alongside the massive barrel, will allow soldiers to “fix and destroy enemy targets day or night at ranges up to 1,250 meters.”

The weapons, which cost upwards of $20,000, are classified as recoilless rifles, but look more like rocket launchers — and pack a similar punch. Because they are held above the shoulder, much of the propelling force escapes out of the back, instead of being absorbed by the soldier’s body.

The standard infantry munitions soldiers have used for more than a decade in Afghanistan are not reusable and have a range of less than a third that of the Carl Gustaf, Belanger said. That means insurgents can attack U.S. soldiers from a safe distance.

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  1. Yea that looks like a larger version of the 57. Recoil less rifle we had. The casing had holes in it and recoil blew out the back like don’t stand behind this thing but it was fired off a tripod…. This rifle is fired off the shoulder like our 3.5 rocket launcher was. …. -“”-

  2. I wonder if those good folks in Conn. would trade their AR15 for one of those for Neighborhood watch patrol. It only shoots one a time, no magazine number of rounds problem.

    1. and it’s not painted black, so it shouldn’t be “scary” for geniuses like Andrew Cuomo (or Pat Quinn, for that matter).

  3. An 84 mm round is not going to touch- destroy any tank given armor etc in use. That is why our military went to du rounds for all main guns– 50 cal, 7.62 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 105 mm,120 mm, 125 mm. The problem is that after you use du ke rounds they leave a mess requiring per AR 700-48 Section 2–4. Handling of RCE
    a. General.
    (1) During peacetime or as soon as operational risk permits, the Corps/JTF/Division Commander’s RSO will
    identify, segregate, isolate, secure, and label all RCE. Procedures to minimize the spread of radioactivity will be
    implemented as soon as possible.
    (2) Radiologically contaminated equipment does not prevent the use of a combat vehicle or equipment for a combat
    (3) RSO must consider the operational situation, mission, level of contamination, and types of contaminate when
    evaluating the need to utilize contaminated equipment.
    (4) After the Corps Commander certifies the equipment is decontaminated IAW established OEG or peacetime
    regulations, it may be reutilized.
    (5) The equipment for release for unrestricted use must be decontaminated to comply with peacetime regulations
    versus OEG.
    (6) Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Units will render equipment safe prior to retrograde operations when
    b. Use and cannibalization.
    (1) The operation of RCE or cannibalization is prohibited unless the commander has determined that:
    (a) The operational risk is comparable to that found in combat.
    (b) The equipment is required for mission completion.
    (c) Under no condition shall the following items be used or cannibalized if damaged: MC-1 Soil Moisture Density
    Tester (Soil and Asphalt) (NSN 6635-01-030-6896), or commercially procured TROXLER Surface Moisture-Density
    Gauge AN/UDM-2 RADIAC Calibrator Set (NSN 6665-00-179-9037), AN/UDM-6 RADIAC Calibrator Set (NSN
    (2) Under those circumstances in which the commander has waived prohibitive use (see para 2-4b(1)) and deter-mined
    that the operational risk is comparable to combat, equipment may be decontaminated and used for a specified
    mission. Once the circumstances are met, operational necessity is over, that waived contaminated equipment will be
    handled IAW peacetime procedures.
    c. Handling.
    (1) The unit/team/individual responsible for the equipment, whether friendly or foreign, at the time of damage or
    contamination is responsible for taking all action consistent with this regulation and DA PAM 700-48.
    (2) The MACOM commander may designate a radioactive waste/commodity processing facility. The ACERT,
    RADCON and RAMT Teams may be deployed to assist in the processing and management supervision of RCE.
    (3) Maintenance forms, warning tags, and other forms of communication will be used to ensure that personnel
    involved in the reclamation are aware of the contamination status.
    (4) In peacetime, RCE will be transported to the command esignated location for receipt of radioactive material
    where the extent of contamination can be assessed and remediated under controlled conditions.
    (5) In peacetime, the Corps/JTF/Division Commander’s RSO monitor the separation of RCE from uncontaminated
    equipment. The separation must be maintained throughout the entire handling process.
    (6) All equipment, to include captured or combat RCE, will be surveyed, packaged, retrograded, decontaminated and
    released IAW Technical Bulletin 9-1300-278, DA PAM 700-48 and other relevant guidance.
    (7) Equipment will be decontaminated to the maximum extent as far forward in theater as possible, IAW the OEG.
    Under all other conditions, decontamination in-theater will be performed only in accordance with guidance from the
    ACERT/RADCON/Chemical Officer/NBC Staff.
    d. Personal Safety. Personnel handling contaminated equipment need to follow the personal safety measures outlined
    in DA PAM 700-48 and AR 40-5.
    e. Disposal.
    (1) In general, environmental impact must be considered prior to equipment retrograde. Retrograde operations must
    minimize the spread of contamination preventing further harm to personnel and damage to equipment.
    (2) Radioactive material and waste will not be locally disposed of through burial, submersion, incineration, destruction in place, or abandonment without approval from overall MACOM commander. If local disposal is approved, the
    responsible MACOM commander must document the general nature of the disposed material and the exact location of
    the disposal. As soon as possible the MACOM commander must forward all corresponding documentation to the Chief,
    Health Physicist, AMCSF-P, HQAMC.
    (3) Demilitarization in the field is authorized only as a means to ensure that the equipment will not fall into enemy
    5 AR 700–48 • 16 September 2002

  4. During March of 1991 as my – our team started cleaning up the mess from desert storm a swedish army medical unit showed up to handle Iraqi pow’s epw’s. Rolla Dolph and I were attached to help them with chemical biological warfare casualty stuff. My surprize- the swedish unit’s surprize was that the commander was my cousin a Major Lind. Rolla and I ate like Kings!

  5. Sweden has been using this 1949,hardly new.Firing these has quite an affect on the body,up to and including voiding the bowels. Each different round has a numerical value,you can only fire so many,some as few as three.My son was trained on this last year.

  6. That’s why the 57 recoil less was fired from a tripod. And then we still
    Put sandbags on its legs

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