Pawn King in Urbana, IL has graciously donated a Ruger LCRx (“x” for exposed hammer) as Guns Save Life’s April drawing gun at our Rantoul meeting.

The gun, in .38 Special caliber, is a nice carry piece for pockets or purse carry.

I’ve checked out the gun myself and for a factory Ruger, this specimen has a very nice trigger.

I confess.  My name is John and I’m a trigger snob.

Life is too short for a lousy trigger and the vast majority of my self-defense pistols have had trigger jobs.  You won’t need to have an action job done on this Ruger LCRx from Pawn King if you win it and you’re a trigger snob like me.

“Whoa!  John!  What are you doing?  A prosecutor will accuse you of having a ‘hair trigger’ along with a wanton disregard for human life,” you say.

Au contraire.  A better trigger allow me (or you) to have better control of my shots, lessening the likelihood of an errant shot missing the intended bad guy and possibly hitting an innocent person by accident, such as the Boys in Blue at the NYPD are rather famous for doing not just once of late, but in rather spectacular form a short while back.  Better shots also equal fewer shots needed to make a bad guy stop his nefarious deeds – making a better trigger safer for the bad guy.

It’s all about articulation, ladies and gents.

You’ll be all about articulating what a fine self-defense revolver you’ve won if you are the lucky winner in April.

Tickets for the drawing are just $5 each.  Send a check made out to GSL to GSL – Attn LCRx, PO Box 51, Savoy, IL 61874 and we’ll enter you in the drawing.  Send a SASE if you want your stubs.  Drawing will be the second Tuesday in April – the 8th at the GSL meeting in Rantoul.

If you want to put your grubby paws on this new lightweight Ruger specimen before the April 2014 meeting, visit John or Gary at the Pawn King in Urbana – just west of University and Lincoln.

It’s a great reason to stop into a gun store, as if you needed one of those.  Careful though… they’ve got a lot of nice stuff (including a SCAR) that’s priced to move.

By the way, if you don’t want to wait, last time I was there they’ve got some more of these LCRx things for sale.



By the way, for March, we have the Glock 42 – the new Glock everyone wants a piece of.  .380 in caliber, great trigger (and trigger reset), light, fun to shoot.

For more information on the Glock 42, hit this link.

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  1. John and his staff are really good guys- very helpful, efficient, and knowledgeable. Nice stock too, good prices.

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