Poor Think “Progress”.

They’re in a tizzy that George Zimmerman was at a gun show in Florida this past weekend signing autographs for admirers.

Yes, admirers.

People admire a man that despite being pilloried and castigated by Dem politicians and the mainstream media, he didn’t crack under the pressure.


FOX 35 News Orlando

18 thoughts on “Think Progress unhappy George Zimmerman signing autographs at gun show in FL”
  1. Good to see, qestion asked, question answered, if he can. Where else can this be applied in the USA…. Hmmmmmmmm

  2. I suspect I’ll shake his hand and get his autograph soon enough.

    He should write a book.


  3. This is not the guy I want to be the face of self defense.. He is an idiot! I recognize that he was found not guilty. But from the facts that have been brought out from the case he totally fucked up! He is lucky to be alive and free.. There are far more legitimate self defense cases to tout as heros. If George had taken a GSL class, he would not have stepped foot out of his car. He would have let the police handle it after the 911 call. he is a true fool!

    1. Upon what do you base your rant? Captain of the neighborhood watch, looking out for his neighbors. Attacked by a drug addict he suspected of casing the houses of his friends. Defended himself from a potentially lethal threat. Sounds like an upstanding citizen to me.

    2. Sez Eye,
      I base my comments (far from a rant) on the following facts…
      1) He did not know that martin was a drug dealer at the time,
      2) He assumed (probably correctly) that he was casing the neighborhood houses.
      3) A neighborhood watch captain has the same obligation to follow police instructions as does everyone else.
      4) He exited his vehicle after being told to stand down by 911 and allow the police to handle the incident
      I also base my comments on the fact that I live in Florida and carry ALL the time. I am not looking for an altercation or a reason to use my firearm, but I am fully prepared to protect myself should the need arise. I Recognize that the best place to be during a gun fight is somewhere else.. Self defense 101.

      If you feel that Zimmerman is a hero or shuld be seen as someone that is worthy of your respect and admiration, good for you. I am only saying that I see him as a great example of what not to do. In fact, I use his case as an example in my classes that I teacah for Florida, Illinois, NRA classes and with other training groups I work with.

    3. It is a shame you are so biased, or is it prejudice? From much of what I have read, he exited his vehicle to try to find a street or building address and was told by the dispatcher that “…we don’t need you to do that.” as he was returning to his vehicle. It was then he was blindsided by the thug who tried to beat his head into the sidewalk as the thug was yelling at him he would kill him.
      I respect G. Zimmerman for only fireing one shot, he is totally the epitomy of self defense. Not that he is a “hero”, but he was a quiet man that put up with all the persecution and demonization against him, for that he deserves respect, and his detractors deserve none. He did not go out to kill anyone, and was remorseful that that is what happened, but he had the RIGHT to defend himself from a blatant unprovoked attack.

    1. Let’s hope so and let’s hope Jeff sees a counslor about his bigotry and apparent hatred.

  4. It is not George’s act of self defense that people admire as much as his win in the face of the entire establishment being thrown at him in a very unfair way. It is his ability to prevail under extreme stress.

    Yes, the fact that he managed to survive the physical attack is positive, but his survival of the political attack afterwards is the more noteworthy.

    1. I can and do appreciate the fact that he survived the political attack. Until politics was involved, he was not charged. It was without a doubt a political football and he was the ball..

  5. he deserves a rest in Peru with some of his relatives…..easy and calm and out of the spotlights….imho

  6. The left hates George but they dont want to talk about the fact that Martin was doing “lean” or whats also called “Poormans PCP”
    Martin was 17yrs old and had liver damage do to Lean use. Martin was a victim of a drug culture.

    Do a search for Martin and Lean its pretty bad. The cops/SA knew what Martin was doing but decided to try and punish Zimmerman anyway

    1. You are right, John, if he wasn’t killed in the attack on G. Zimmerman, he would probably have gone on to be a perp in some “knockout” assaults (how can they be labeled a “game”?), it seems he was headed in that direction according to his “facebook” postings, just a wanna-be thug “badboy” punk.

  7. I watched the clip several times and for the life of me I can’t figure out what a “white-Hispanic” is. I guess I’m going to have to ask the media seeing as how they are the ones who labeled him.

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