A retired police officer, rumored to be a sergeant, was shot in the neck by a pair of home invaders after he’d told them where to find his safe.

If a retired police sergeant, who knows Chicago and has chosen to live in a decent part of the city, isn’t safe from this sort of predatory violence, then who is, aside from Mayor Rahm with his contingent of armed bodyguards?

Crime scene investigators at the location of a home invasion in Chicago where a retired Chicago cop was shot by a pair of intruders *after* telling them the location of his safe.


Chicago (Tribune) – A retired Chicago police sergeant was shot and critically wounded after two robbers broke into his home in the East Side neighborhood and asked where he kept his safe, police said.

The homeowner, 73, was shot in the neck and taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center, where he was listed in critical but stable condition in the intensive care unit, according to his caregiver, Eva Luna.

“He’s a very nice guy, he’s a very good man,” Luna said outside the hospital after the homeowner underwent surgery.  “It doesn’t matter what age you are. … If they want to steal or take something, take it, but don’t hurt nobody. You know you’re going to get what you want. Just don’t hurt them. It’s terrible.”

The two robbers entered the home at 115th Street and Avenue G through an unlocked door just before midnight Monday and asked the retired sergeant about a safe in the house. The man told them and was shot when the safe couldn’t be opened, police said.

The intruders fled out a side door. The man’s wife was home but not wounded, police said.

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  1. I cannot imagine leaving a door unlocked in Chicago or anywhere else for that matter. The first rule of securing your home is locking the doors. It is surprising that a former Police Officer would have neglected to lock up his home.

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