Mitch McConnell brought a rifle out and presented it to Sen. Tom Coburn today at the CPAC convention in a crass display of pandering.

Mitch McConnell uses a gun to pander to conservatives.

His action today was patently offensive given his record.

Does he think we’re stupid or what?

7 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell: Crass Pandering”
  1. He should have asked ” does anyone know how to shoot this rifle ?” I’ll be going hunting with it when I’m thrown out, like the shifty bum you are.

  2. Yes they do think were stupid. Ole Mitch gives lip service to gun owners every election cycle then goes into silence-mode when the vote’s count.

  3. Mitch thinks we are as stupid as the liberals he likes to cozy up with. For that alone he needs to be defeated.
    For those interested, go the Senate Conservatives Fund website and donate money to his opponent in the primary.

  4. Thank you for saying what so many of us think. We need to know others think the same thing we do.

  5. I can agree that some of the positions that Mitch McConnell has taken are not exactly in line with my likes. However, the fact that he has portrayed himself as gun supporter is good for all of us. Now, why are other Senators not making pledges to support pro-gun laws?

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