One of our members tipped me off to a post by GSL’s Jim Sharp at  I made it into a picture.


7 thoughts on “A picture worth a million words”
  1. With our liberal controlling demo-rats Illinois could be the next Connecticut very easily.

    1. It hasn’t yet… but if there are economic sanctions, any non-import rules are sure to include ammo.
      Even if they don’t, Putin might cut off the ammo exports just to stir things up here.

  2. Jim makes a very important point. While we seem to be on a pro-gun roll in Illinois, this fight will never be over.

    Illinois politicians are just as delusional as those in Connecticut and really don’t care about your Constitutional rights. We need to continue the political process to hold them at bay here.

    Have you called your representatives since the FCCA vote? They need to hear from us regularly.

  3. Fight not over is just beginning.if you become complacent. We will all lose.Chicago democrats will not it to stand,Dart,Madigan,and Emanual will fine tune it into nothingness. Stay awake Illinois

  4. If the political beings don’t hear us complaining they’ll start thinking we’re happy.

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