When you see Facebook, think “My Space” and we’ll tell you why:  Teens are increasingly disinterested in Facebook as it’s no longer seen as the “hip” place to be.  As Facebook struggles to stay afloat with increasing ad revenue, subjecting users to pesky ads at a growing rate, they risk alienating people posting pictures of their pets or babies or passing around mindless memes.

Then there are problems with the “Click Farms” that provide thousands of “likes” for a few hundred bucks.  The only problem is these people only serve to dilute any message you wish to get out to the world on your Facebook social media.  Read up on this trainwreck here and here.

And now news breaks that Facebook is considering changing their policy on gun-themed Facebook pages.

Initially, the Bloomberg subsidiary “Mom’s Demand Action” (go to a singles bar, girls) publicly stated they wanted Facebook to ban the sales of guns on Facebook.

We know you’re going to find it hard to believe, but the talks with Facebook weren’t only to ban what are in essence “classified advertisement” pages where users advertise to buy or sell guns, but also to ban all gun themed pages – such as this one for Guns Save Life.

So says Venture Beat magazine.

Facebook may announce company policy changes for gun-related pages in the coming weeks, VentureBeat has learned.

The social network has been under pressure from the powerful Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the Moms Demand Action civic group to ban gun-themed fan pages on the site.

Sources close to the conversations told VentureBeat, “Talks are progressing. The discussions are ongoing; there have been positive developments.”

An extensive investigation by VentureBeat last week revealed that adults and children were making arrangements to buy, sell, and trade guns through the many Facebook fan pages devoted to guns and the people who use them, sometimes in violation of federal and state gun laws.


5 thoughts on “Venture Beat: Facebook to ban gun-themed pages”
  1. As usual a couple of bone heads break the law so let’s throw everybody else off a cliff, I hope Facebook doesn’t go through with this.

  2. Should be called, “Billionaire authoritarians attacking free speech”.

    These people make me sick.

  3. If they do this, I will cancel my account and encourage all my friends and family to do the same.

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