Norton “Connect Safe” is blocking Guns Save Life from public access at locations that use their software by labeling us as “pornography”.

If it wasn’t a serious matter of our civil rights, it would be laughable.

Here’s their email.  Contact them and ask them to remove from their “porn” website list.

7 thoughts on “Norton “Connect Safe” labels Guns Save Life “Pornography””
  1. Aside from the obvious that this article states, the other disturbing issue is someone is actually using a Norton product…

    1. I agree.

      The first thing I do with a new computer is remove anything from Norton.

      Maybe they’ve improved their product of late, but at my office we’ve had more problems with Norton products than all other software – combined.


  2. I’m with DLMG40SL… I like gun porn.

    BTW, your nickname makes me think you have a Mercedes.


    1. Not hardly, am a poor white (old) boy, the G40 refers to my Glock .40 cal. and the SL is for (Glock) Save Life. I won the Glock at a GSL meeting buying 2 tickets several years ago, I call it my $10 Glock, haha. I’m a “truck” guy, always have been, not interrested in cars, especially high (over)priced ones.

  3. It may not be a Norton problem. If your connecting to the internet using the dealerships wifi they may have it set that way. You may want to check with the dealership about changing the setting.

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