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We’re flattered they mentioned us, but clearly, money isn’t buying reading comprehension among the employees working at CSGV.

Here’s the original text in the article cited:

How long will it be before there is bloodshed over this law?  We’re not sure, but we’re confident it is coming unless the law is rescinded or struck down by the courts.

Does that read like we’re going to go shoot us up some Connecticut State Police men, women, and fashion disasters?

Oh well, it’s not like CSGV doesn’t already have the reputation for making up falsehoods out of nothingness.

How does it feel, CSGV, to need to rely on deception, dishonesty and downright falsehoods to promote your flawed message?

5 thoughts on “News to us: CSGV says GunsSaveLife threatens bloodshed against CT State Police”
  1. Looks like you need to send CSGV a thank-you for driving an additional 6 viewers to

    Perhaps it would be nice if they received a standard capacity magazine and a copy of the Constitution in the mail as a token of appreciation. They can always mail it to CT if they don’t want to keep it to wave around at their meetings. I recommend that it be “politician grade”.

  2. Why would the prospect of bloodshed accompanying weapons confiscation be a surprise to anyone who ever was taught American History?

    I think the precedent was established on April 19, 1775…

  3. You should have used a different less confrontational font or script. Something written in a crayola crayon sky blue for those over-educated idiots.

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