Don’t by shy.

IGOLD – the Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day – is a fantastic, fun experience that makes quite an impression on legislators and political observers both in Illinois and beyond.


Really. Go.

You’ll be among thousands of your closest friends.

And, from Valinda Rowe at Illinois Carry:

Greeters needed.

If you arrive early for IGOLD, we will need “greeters” to hand out the IGOLD packets as people enter the convention all.  The packets and pens will be stacked on the tables inside each door.

All you have to do is hand them a packet, a smile, and “Welcome to IGOLD”!

When you arrive, if you see an unstaffed packet table, please, step right in and start handing out packets!!

Thank you!

For bus information, visit the Illinois State Rifle Association here.

One thought on “IGOLD is Wednesday! Come join us… Bus seats available!”
  1. Epic fail today.
    Ready to admit how many people you pissed off yet?

    Yeah, more folks didn’t come this year who did last year than attended total this year. Total failure! That’s how many people you have pushed away because they OPPOSE your precious shall issue preemption FOLD!

    Be proud. But don’t ever try to claim that you weren’t warned. The ISRAs own poll was a warning itself, outside all the other warnings you folks were offered. You’ve damaged the rights movement in Illinois – possibly permanently. You own it.

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