The smart ones who can afford it are saying, “Adios” to Cook County’s insanely high crime rates and silly nanny-state government regulations.

Sadly, that leaves plenty more who want to move out of one of the most violent counties in the nation.

(Crains) As the Great Recession churned job prospects for many, Cook County lost about 13,000 residents with six-figure household incomes to other places, despite the widely hyped revival of downtown housing and jobs.

Between 2007 and 2011, Chicago and its immediate suburbs also ended up with about 10,000 fewer residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher, even after accounting for new arrivals, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s first attempt to track population shifts by income and education at the county level.

10 thoughts on “The smart folks are leaving insanely crime-plagued Cook County”
  1. So Gov. Potato head and the Ballerina don’t think things will decline, huh? What happened to Detroit, and then Michigan as a whole was just a fluke – and not the inevitable outcome of Socialist, err … Liberal, err … Progressive policies?


    The only thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history.

    1. Some of us have learned the pitfalls of the “national socialist” progressive ideology without having to live through the degridation and poverty it inevetibly leads to.
      Those who havent learned are bound and determined to drag everyone down into it by beliving and enabling those who want to “control” everyone else.
      The “take from the rich to give to the poor” mentality only works as long as you have the rich to steal from, soon, everyone is poor except those in “power”, the true communist believers.

  2. Chicago lost my six figure income AND those of my employees too. Why? Evil government. Every time I turned around they’d either slapped another parking ticket on me or taken away a legal parking spot on a block with 5000 residents which had under 100 parking spots. Just evil. Despicable.

    I haven’t spent a dime in chit-cago for twelve years.

    1. Congratulations and good for you, Thank God and my parents, I grew up on a small farm far away from the socialist hole of Crook County. As a kid, Dad would take us to the McCormick Place car show, I never did like the traffic up there.

  3. If you drive down many streets in Detroit. It’s a ghost town. Many houses and garages. Are empty and falling down once in a while you see one of them with someone trying to live in one of them. That’s the way parts of Chicago is headed ..

  4. I’m with you, while I don’t live in cook county I do work there. I’m stuck seven yrs from retirement, but when I do, my last view is in a rear view window. I’m out of this state!

    1. Daniel: You don’t think Illinoise is going to last seven more years, do you? I hope your pension isn’t in the state!

  5. Add to all the jobs and people it is losing, those like me who avoid it at all cost and don’t spend any money there.
    When it eventually goes bankrupt, Madigan and the rest of the fools will probably still be in charge, and will bail them out with our money.
    There was a bill introduced in recent years to make Illinois two states, divided somewhere around I-80. Can’t we get dig that out and see if it might pass?

  6. No problem. The Democrats will get the Obama approved alien Amnesty that they want so as to import more Democrat voters into Crook County to replace the evil ‘elite’ that have escaped from Crook County.

    1. Don’t forget the majority of deceased dem voters they can always rely on to keep them in power in the socialist state of ILL-anoy.

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