by Fred Kubicek

Why should we all strive to achieve a greater level of personal preparedness in our lives and that of our friends and local communities?  Let me share this with you.

On February 11, 2014 James Clapper presented a Worldwide Threat Assessment report to Congress. The 32 page report discusses the level of threats which are currently aimed at the United States. Hopefully even a quick reading of this document will reinforce the desire you undoubtedly already have to prepare for the worst. Several days prior to the report he testified before Congress. Here is a very brief summation of those remarks:

(In addition to the Syrian conflict itself) there are many other crises and threats around the globe, to include the spillover of the Syria conflict into neighboring Lebanon and Iraq the destabilizing flood of refugees in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon, now about 2.5 million people, a symptom of one of the largest humanitarian disasters in a decade; the implications of the drawdown in Afghanistan; the deteriorating internal security posture in Iraq, with AQI now in control of Fallujah; the growth of foreign cyber capabilities, nation-states and non-nations states as well; the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; aggressive nation-state intelligence efforts against us; an assertive Russia; a competitive China; a dangerous, unpredictable North Korea; a challenging Iran; lingering ethnic divisions in the Balkans; perpetual conflict and extremism in Africa, in Mali, Nigeria, the Central African Republic, and in South Sudan; violent political struggles in, among others, the Ukraine, Burma, Thailand, and Bangladesh; the specter of mass atrocities; the increasing stress of burgeoning populations; the urgent demands for energy, water and food; the increasing sophistication of transnational crime; the tragedy and magnitude of human trafficking; the insidious rot of invented synthetic drugs; potential for pandemic diseases occasioned by the growth of drug resistant bacteria.

How’s that for starters?

Now keep this in mind, none of the concerns mentioned by Clapper have anything to do with most of the things I have mentioned in previous writings, such as earthquakes, tsunami, economic collapse, drought or coronal mass ejection.  Now, when you consider that James Clapper has lied to Congress before, and that he heads the very agency which, when it comes to personal liberty, is usurping our Constitutional rights more than any other, you have to admit that he is giving us quite a list of things to be aware of.

Notice I did not choose the words ‘worry about’, but simply to be ‘aware of.’

As believers our hope has to be in Christ, not the government and not even our preps.  But that does not mean that we don’t make every effort to prepare, because He has clearly directed us to discern the seasons and plan accordingly.

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  1. I hope ” Mr Clapper ” has done something to fireproofing his eyebrows. The last time, before committee, he started a series of lies, he almost rubbed his eyebrows to a small smoking fire on that head…….

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