The Los Angeles Times.

Long known as no friend of individual rights or the right to keep and bear arms.

Like petulant children, they offer up a screed lamenting the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recognizing an individual right to bear arms outside of the four corners of one’s home.

The first line is all you need to read.

The rest is superfluous gas, much like impolite flatulence.  Not that flatulence is ever polite, unless you’re a college frat boy in a drunken party.

Here it is.  Read it and wince.

Even if you accept the notion that the 2nd Amendment confers an individual right to bear arms — a proposition we wish the Supreme Court had rejected — states should be able to place reasonable restrictions on that right in the interests of public safety.

The go on to prevaricate and pontificate based upon what they feel should be – in that gun ownership and possession by the law-abiding should be difficult if not impossible.

Imagine the outrage if they said the same thing about voting rights.

Or the right to attend the church of your choice.

…Or the right to read a newspaper.

Of course, those rights are sacred.

Way to go LA Times.

And they wonder why readership and ad revenue are in decline.

9 thoughts on “LA Times Editorial FAIL”
  1. Just got to thinkin’,
    “states should be able to place reasonable restrictions on that (first amendment) right in the interests of public safety” …and restrict the “…freedom of speech, or of the press, …” …when it applies to the LA Slimes in particular when especially they print articles and letters opposed to our foumding documents and laws. Ya think?

  2. I hope PETA is making sure that parrot owners are not putting the LA times newspaper at the bottom of their parrot cages. It endangers the parrots, they just lock up and expire. Does CA. have a warning system for when the earthquake comes to slide CA. into pacific ocean ?

  3. The land on the left coast is not the only thing that’s cracked…Pelosi,Waxman,Boxer,Fenstein……

  4. The LA Times is owned by the Tribune company, the same group that owns the chicago LIBune….
    What would you expect from the shrieking harpies in their vacuum chamber of likeminded toadies?
    Treeware is dead anyway. Newspapers are for training puppies…

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