Our old buddy and former Illinois Democrat politician from Jesse Jackson Junior’s Congressional district Mel Reynolds have found a way to get himself back in the news and to make us all proud to be from his home state.

What’s he been up to since the anti-gun extremist was indicted for sexual assault and criminal sexual abuse of a 16-year-old girl who was a campaign volunteer?  And a did we mention he was also seeking out kiddie porn, too?

In the end, he was convicted of sexual assault and solicitation of kiddie porn and resigned.  Then he went to prison for a while.

While the Rhodes Scholar pervert was in prison for those sex charges, he was convicted of additional fraud and corruption charges.

His sentences were commuted by another sexual predator and anti-gunner – Bill Clinton – in 2001.

He got himself arrested in Zimbabwe for not paying his hotel bill and for having porn in the hotel room.

What was Mel Reynolds doing in Zimbabwe?

Well, given his penchant for pubescent girls, we’re guessing he was there game hunting.

Of the feline variety.

Here’s the story:

(Chicago Tribune) – Former Illinois congressman Mel Reynolds has been arrested in Zimbabwe, an immigration official said on Tuesday, after state media reported the convicted sex offender had been found with pornography at a local hotel.

Police and immigration officials were investigating Reynolds for living in the southern African country without a valid visa, Francis Mabika, an assistant regional immigration officer, told Reuters.

Mabika said Reynolds has been in Zimbabwe since November, but declined to give further details.


But wait, there was another paragraph that the Chicago Tribune quickly pulled to save Illinois further embarrassment.

The Herald said Reynolds was accused of making pornographic videos and photographs of models and other women he brought to his room. At least one staff member from the paper arrived at the scene as he was being led away.

Mel Reynolds went to Zimbabwe to make porn – of the homemade variety in his hotel room.

While there’s nothing wrong with making some “home movies” providing all parties are amenable to recording their exploits, we ask ourselves, “Why go to Zimbabwe to make porn?  What’s Zimbabwe got that the USA doesn’t?”

Aside from cheaper talent, we can’t help but wonder if given Mel’s preference for younger teen girls that he wasn’t making kiddie porn perhaps.  Your thoughts, dear readers?



8 thoughts on “UPDATED: MAKING US PROUD: Mel Reynolds, pornmaker extraodinaire”
  1. How much to keep it there ? Step up a health care exchange ? Just think of all the money coming in the country and being cleaned.

  2. They should keep him. His Congressional pension would probably help their GDP in Zimbabwe, certainly in the town where he’s “hunting”.


  3. Imagine that, a country that investigates people for living there without a visa. Didn’t know that was possible!

  4. Gee, this couldn’t have happened to a more deserving individual, let’s hope they lose the key to his cell door.

  5. Didnt this lowlife get busted with an underage girl IN the US, leading to his ouster from congress? Could not have happened to a more deserving scumbag.

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