Just as Moms Demand Action (Go to a single’s bar, girls) and Mayors Against Illegal Guns (aka the Kiddie Porn Mayors group 1 2 3 4 5 6 Google it) has former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg funding their civilian disarmament schemes, and the Brady Campaign withers from a lack of funding, the folks at The Truth About Guns have identified the major source of funding for Gabby Giffords’ “Americans for Responsible Solutions” or whatever her merry band of 13 employees call themselves.

The sponsor:  Pepsico.  UPDATE:  We are wrong on this.  See this post.

Follow the money.

Check out the last line… (emphasis added).

Building a Movement to Keep Our Communities Safer

Two and a half years ago, Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly had their lives changed forever by a madman with an arsenal of deadly weapons. Today, the former congresswoman and the former astronaut discuss what it’s like to take on one of the most complicated issues in America—and one of the most difficult political challenges of our time. Giffords and Kelly will discuss how the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School drove them to commit themselves, personally and professionally, to reducing gun violence in America—by working toward common sense solutions that respect our Second Amendment rights and traditions of gun ownership. They will share what the first few months of their new organization, Americans for Responsible Solutions, have yielded, what it feels like to be public figures again, and what the future holds, in terms of keeping our communities safer and building a political movement that reflects the diversity of our great country. Underwritten by PepsiCo.


Meanwhile, when they aren’t lobbying to take your gun rights away, they’re out shooting the very guns they would have you banned from owning to defend your home and family.

13 thoughts on “Pepsico underwriting Gabby Giffords’ gun control group? UPDATED: not so fast…”
  1. Gabby’s got to bring in some money from somewhere to maintain that standard of living her husband has become accustomed to.

    It’s too bad the two of them were so quick to sell-out their pro-2A attitudes for a “job”.


  2. I have suddenly developed stomach aversion to:

    mtn dew,
    doritos (noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!),
    quaker oats,
    mirinda (whatever the pepsico that is!),
    lipton tea (commie basta*ds),

    and the list goes on.

    just check pepsico.com/brands and you’ll know WHAT not to eat.

    And, gentlemen……………I EXPECT

    1. thanks, windows for sending my blog post before i was done!

      ……. TO SEE none of these brands at ANY of our gatherings.

      This is NOT a boycot, it’s mere self-preservation.

      I’ll post the letter I’m writing to pepsico later.

      The heck with them.

  3. I work for PepsiCo and you have no idea how progressive the leaders of this company are.
    Most of the employees where I work are sportsman , hunters fisherman and 2nd right supporters. The leadership pushes there bullshit but we don’t agree with it. Not much we can do about it but work to get more people introduced to shooting sports. The more people we have shooting the less popular there view is and PepsiCo won’t spend money where they don’t think they are getting a return for their bucks!

  4. Dollars talk and when we gun owners pull the dollar plug these companies will change their tune or go out business

    Boycott PepsiCo and everything they sell.

    1. Bill by pulling the plug all we do is loose more jobs from people like me that support and contribute money to support our rights . PepsiCo is a international company that owns about half the food industry there money is everywhere . My American company was bought out by them. I understand the boycott thing I just don’t see it making a big enough dent in the income they have. I wish I had a answer these people just live with a total different view on life then most of us do.

    2. Let me add one more thing. I read this first thing this morning and I have been mad as Hell all day! I’m getting lay- off and they are giving money to these Dirt bags! Sorry if my comments came across wrong. We are all in this together .

  5. Whenever gun control advocates use the term “common sense solutions”, what they are actually saying is that since gun rights advocates believe in the 2nd Admendment, they DON’T HAVE common sense. They are actually insulting your intelligence.

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