Another anti-gun state sees hundreds of job move away – this time it is Andrew “Conservatives have no place in the state of New York” Cuomo’s New York State.

Cuomo’s gun control and his political zealotry are costing his state 2,000 jobs and $87 million as Remington scales back its presence in New York State and breaks ground on new facilities in Alabama.

The deal is supposed to be announced Monday, according to Yellowhammer News.

High level sources have informed Yellowhammer News that Remington, one of the world’s largest gun manufacturers, will on Monday join Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley in announcing that they are bringing over 2,000 jobs to Alabama.

The company is viewing the move into Alabama as an expansion, but it will likely impact their Ilion, NY plant as well. The New York facility currently employees around 1,200 people. It is expected to stay open, but with a reduced workforce.

“The company is making the move as an expansion of capacity, production and research,” a source told Yellowhammer on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. “The demand for Remington products has skyrocketed recently, for obvious reasons, so they need to increase their production capacity. They will be expanding their research capabilities with the Alabama plant, too.”

The initial estimated impact on Alabama’s economy will be roughly $87 million.


Way to go Andy.

8 thoughts on “BREAKING: Remington moving to Alabama”
  1. This is funny as heck to me. The best way to send a message to the anti-gun establishment is with dollars.
    The anti-gun pukes don’t care about rallies, emails and phone calls. They only care about the power given to them by money.
    Close up the purse strings!
    P.S> the same thing works for gun groups that like to cut deals and compromise, when the money dries up they change their tune.

    1. that’s the thought behind Glenn Beck’s “Defund the GOP” movement. It’s apparently working too. 🙂

  2. These idiots are trying to take away our guns and at the same time costing thousands of jobs. How brilliant.

  3. I love how GSL makes me feel good when I log into it. Thank you for this good news.

    Makes me want to buy Remington ammo.

    After reading your link to the R51 report, I certainly won’t be buying that gun though.


  4. As soon as I see the first Remington 1911 .45 with “ALABAMA” STAMPED on the slide, I will buy it.

    GOod job, Remington! New york? Go to hell.

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