A pair of bottom-feeding thugs held up a senior citizens social club in Gary, IN, seeking to rob the club and patrons of money and valuables.

They came in with guns blazing.  One of the thugs fled when one of the innocent victims pulled his own gun and returned fire.

The second cowardly thug?  He sprung a couple of leaks and hid in the bathroom until police arrived.  He didn’t want any more hot lead supplements in his diet.

Hey, Chicago trash, the folks from the senior center in Gary have got a message for you:  “We got permits and guns over here, you dumb turds.”



GARY, Ind. (ABC) –– Gary police are investigating a shooting Wednesday night at a social club for senior citizens.

Five people, including the suspected gunman, were shot at the Safe and Sound Social Club in Gary, Indiana. Officers responded to the members-only club Wednesday around 11:30 p.m. in the 2200 block of Broadway in Gary.

Police say the suspected gunman is a 23-year-old from Chicago. They believe his motive was to rob people at the senior citizens club.

The shooting victims are all men between the ages of 43-76. Witnesses told police that a gunman entered the club and ordered people to drop to the ground. Shots were fired and police say at one point, one of the patrons inside shot the gunman.

…”They had hoods on like this, you couldn’t see their face,” said witness Jessie Sturgis.

Sturgis says one gunman took off while the other pointed a gun at him and three other club patrons. Sturgis says he escaped through the front door. As he called the police from outside the club, he said he heard several shots from inside. Some of the club patrons hid in a utility closet.

E.C. Robinson, 65, a Gary resident, was shot but managed to defend himself and others with his own gun.

“He shot him twice, that is when E.C. started shooting back,” said one witness.

The suspect hid in the bathroom after he was shot until police came and took him into custody.

Sturgis said he hopes the shooting will send a message to the younger people who want to cause trouble from Chicago.

“We’re in Indiana, they [are] from Illinois, they don’t know people got permits to carry guns, so bang bang, that is what happened,” Sturgis said.

7 thoughts on “Indiana senior citizens to Chicago thugs: “We shoot back””
  1. Hiding in the bathroom?

    Jesus H!

    He went from “I’m the baddest mother…. in this joint. Give me your money or I’ll pop a cap in yo ass!” to “Don’t hurt me, man!” in the space of the time it took for a couple of spent cases to fly through the air and land on the floor.

    This is the stuff I’ve told my friends and neighbors for years that is gonna happen when the ISP finally gets around to mailing those permits.

  2. I work in a hospital and have seen this multiple times. Gang bangers are wusses. No pain tolerance. They start crying at the sight of a needle. When they have control, they are dangerous bad-asses. When they don’t have control, they are cowards.

  3. this is what is going to happen when the corrupt scumbags in the white house come and try to take our guns and our freedoms. load up people ITS TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR RIGHTS.

  4. What kind of idiot tries that in Gary? They either wandered into a place run by the mob or that the mob was scared of.

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