The Illinois Republican Party is hosting a fundraising event featuring Gov. Bobby Jindal at the Union League Club in Chicago on February 25, 2014.

Tickets are $150 each, or tables for $1500 per.

There’s a private reception for those making bigger dollar “donations”.

The only problem with all of this?

The event is being held at a “NO GUNS” location.

The Union League Club is posted “no guns” and when one of our members tried to discuss this with their manager, he was unwilling to even listen.

Our advice, as gun owners, is to tell the Illinois Republican Party, “I’d love to go, but I can’t attend an event at a location that is posted ‘no guns’.  If my gun isn’t welcome as a certified, card-carrying good guy, then I’m not welcome and neither is my wallet.”


2 thoughts on “Not supporting those working against civil rights: Republicans and the “No Guns” Union League Club Chicago”
  1. Those supporting the historic carry law with its holy grail of state preemption should embrace the wonderful compromise of safe harbor!!! Entering in order to kiss the rings for their precious allowances.

    Of course, though more honestly, those folks could still accomplish what those article asvises by stating, while kissing that ring, that their wallets are out there within the safe harbor zone too.

    The real irony is that those who took thirty pieces of silver now want to deny others the opportunity to gain their own thirty pieces…..

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