How embarrassing.  A Massachusetts low-information legislator is now appearing at the Bay State’s capitol building in handcuffs to testify at hearings.

Who is this Democrat state representative and why is he in cuffs?

His name is Carlos Henriquez.

He’s in cuffs following his conviction for beating the snot out of his then-girlfriend in July 2012.

Democrat inmate lawmaker Rep. Carlos Henriquez is steadfastly refusing to resign his seat, and he is doggedly holding onto his job, trying to execute it from his jail cell while he serves a 6-month jail term – for beating the snot out of that former girlfriend.

The sweet irony here is that Democrat inmate lawmaker Rep. Carlos Henriquez has a been an ardent supporter of the Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence.  We think we know why.  It’s self-interest as he doesn’t want people in general, and his dating pool of single ladies in particular, to have the means to defend themselves from violent perpetrators like him.

The irony is extra rich as he had the audacity to appear at a Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence event late last year, while his trial was pending following his July 2012 arrest on the domestic violence charge.

20 thoughts on “Why are gun grabbers so violent? Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence legislator in jail for beating his girlfriend”
  1. Just another criminal Democrat representing the zero information voters who elected him!

  2. I honestly think that these anti-gun people are so afraid of others with guns because they themselves feel they cannot be trusted with firearms and they project that on to everyone else. Whether they know they have their own violent tendencies, or are just that afraid and uncertain of themselves, the end result is that they feel that no-one can be trusted with guns. I think this opinion I’d also supported by the trend of so many mass shooters being liberals or left leaning.

  3. Registered Democrat and Liberal here. Also NRA Life member, full hunting license, deer tags, carry permit and a cute little Ruger 380 on my hip most of the time. I’m a long haired, make-up wearing woman who goes from heels to jeans. I get so tired of hearing all the labels and stereotypes. Let’s grab the guns from the criminals, whether they wear a suit and tie or a hoodie.

    1. Maybe you should consider not voting against your best interests in elections. There is absolutely no logic behind someone with your “stats” voting for gun grabbers.

    2. How ironic, that you end with “So tired of hearing the labels and stereotypes”, after beginning with all the labels you self identify with, then proceed to say “go after the criminals”, when you are voting for those who would criminalize you for your gun ownership.

      Frankly, you and your irrationality *are* the problem.

    3. @ Demlibgrrl I have pointed out for years that not every liberal Democract is anti gun. Its the pregressives who are the enemy of freedom. Vermont which has a 85 percent Liberal Democract population is a open carry state.

    4. If your going to rub elbows with the left then you should turn your weapons over and get out of the game. While your intentions may be well meaning they actually harm the cause.

    5. Better yet, let’s obey the Constitution, leave EVERYONE’S guns alone and just grab the ones that actually belong to US, and let the Second Amendment sort it out as the Founders intended. It worked great until people started tinkering with it.

    6. Are you really a democrat, or just think you are, take a minute and evaluate, if your a Democrat, you would support the platform correct? so now are you pro life, or believe in allowing the slaughter of the unborn? If so you cant be christian, and therefore you are in a position right…..well if your christian, your defiantly not a democrat, due to this one issue…..either you believe in murder, or you dont!

  4. I believe they want us unarmed so they can have control over their victims and we can’t fight back so we will be at their mercy. It’s thugs like this that shouldn’t hold public office because they only want to take our rights away to make us subject to their victimization when they want to rob, steal and kill us such as this thug who beat his girlfriend badly.

  5. Well, he won’t have to worry about owning any guns in the future… The Lautenberg Amendment will take care of that

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