S&W says “thanks, but no thanks” to silly California anti-gun regulations dealing with gun registries and microstamping.  Even though California has the best looking Attorney General, according to President Barack Hussein Obama, that wasn’t enough to sway S&W.

By the way, where are all of the “War on Women” warriors decrying Obama’s comments about Harris? Hmm?

Hopefully S&W and its distributors will not sell to law enforcement or government agencies in California either.

(Breitbart) – On January 22nd renowned gun maker Smith & Wesson joined Sturm, Ruger, & Co., by announcing it would cease California sales of its semi-automatic pistols due to microstamping requirements that went into effect last year.

Ruger made the same announcement earlier this month.

Microstamping is a requirement that each firearm be fitted with a special firing pin that leaves a fingerprint on a bullet casing which differs from the fingerprint of every other firearm. In other words–every one of the wildly popular Smith & Wesson M&P .45 semi-automatic handguns would have to be manufactured in such a way so that no two of them left the same mark on a shell casing.

The cost of doing this would be incredibly high to manufacturers, and would be a cost they would have to pass on to consumers in higher prices.

2 thoughts on “S&W says “Adios” to California semi-auto pistol market”
  1. The sad thing is that the California gun-grabbing strategy is working.

    The pathetic thing is that it is easy to defeat microstamping.

  2. Much as I applaud S&W’s stand, I fear that it is the desired effect California is looking for.

    I just hope that they also refuse the state’s purchase orders.

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