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The Illinois State Police’s implementation of the new Firearms Concealed Carry Act is working like a finely tuned, well-oiled machine it seems.

In talking with a couple of other folks who were also approved in the past three days, they too are all now “under review”.

One possible reason for the change of heart?

The Illinois State Police want to give line officers additional training on how to interact with a concealed carry license holder.

As though that’s rocket science…

We do know the clock is ticking, with only 90 days allow for applications to be “under review”.

Although there are no penalties in the law for the ISP failing to act in a timely manner, just as there are no penalties for the ISP failing to process FOID card applications in the requisite 30 days under law.

In other words, we’ll all say a prayer when we check the mail each day and hope for the best.

C’mon, ISP.  This stuff isn’t that hard.

20 thoughts on “Approved for Illinois CCW? Not so fast, pal.”
  1. Come on John; give them a break. The ISP have only known about all this going into effect since July.

  2. It might not be hard to a person with half a brain, but we *are* talking about the Illinois State Police here…

  3. Don’t blame the troopers. All of the obfuscation is from the White Shirt leaders and the Emmanual/Quinn leadership team. They are stalling..stalling..stalling, hoping the Kenyan in Chief completes his take over and does an EO calling for total gun confiscation IN SPITE of the 2nd Amendment. I have reached a point where I believe he will do anything to start his 1000year rule.

  4. I’m quite sure there are both good office workers and uniformed officers in the ISP. But that being said, I don’t care if the blame is a few political hacks and corrupt snakes in leadership positions.
    “Just following orders” only works as a defense to a point.

    The delays in implementing CCW in IL, ever since Posner decided to stay his ruling, are literally costing lives. You probably can’t prove how many murder victims could have saved themselves if Posner had just said, “Lawful FOID carry TODAY until the legislature figures it out” … but the number is non-zero. Certainly there are dead victims today that could be alive today.

    Any and every judge, politician, bureaucrat and/or ISP hack that has delayed this has blood on their hands!

  5. Congratulations John, but you know that they have 90 days and they are not going to send them out one minute before the “deadline”, even though it has been “approved”. If it has been approved, it is a “shall issue” law, but they don’t have to do it in a “timely manner”, after all they are the ISP, they work on their own schedule.

    1. I’d argue they have 90 days to complete required checks and then process the cards. The ISP has stated they would do their checks and then process the cards once that was done.

      Assuming the status was not set to Approved in error at this point they’re holding up just because they can in contradiction of what they said they’d do

      I think I’m going to go kick a polar bear

    2. Don’t fret too much, 90 days is 90 days, which makes the first appilcants getting permits the first or second week of March, it is now not even February 1st. If no one has any permits by the middle of March that is the time to contact your state officials, depending on when the application was officially accepted.

  6. Quinn, Madigan, and Rahm never run out of dirty tricks to try to stick it to the citizens of this police state. a court order is just another obstacle to those rodents and their regime. this type of garbage will continue since the majority of Illinois voters are brain dead sheep who keep voting for communism . the ISP expects us to comply to it’s every whim but has no problem crapping all over us without any kind of explanation to what’s going on. the ISP is a total joke and anything but a professional law enforcement agency because their leadership are the lapdogs for the corrupt ” leaders ” of this state.

  7. Train officers my ass – change to law is constant and the King’s Men manage to keep up somehow.

    Heck I bet the Rowes would give them a copy of their Power Point / CLIC training program for free. A couple tweeks to that and they’d be good to go.

    Don’t they deal with other King’s Men carrying off duty all the time anyways.

    Bottom line they’ll give up cards at the last possible minute – now pick up that can citizen ….

  8. No comment on the death by power point presentations.

    The only guy I’ve talked with at ISP’s CCW division, Jim Wolf, has been supremely professional and helpful. Frankly, I forgot I was talking to someone at ISP while on the phone with him multiple times.

    It’s not the Jim Wolfs over there that are the problem, but the damn lawyers at the top of ISP. Clueless in so many ways.


    1. Jim’s been very helpful unscrambling the name some chimpanzee / temp gave to my training program.

      So what’s the under/over on permits in hand before IGOLD

  9. If there are difficulties training ISP officers and staff on this law, maybe they should sign them up for an Illinois CCW class? I can think of any number of places they can go for training. We as instructors for these classes have been at this for about 4 months now. We’ve been expected to keep up with ever changing rules and every fine detail of Illinois law. Yet the people who produced and are tasked with implementing this program cannot?

    1. Actually if the world made sense at all all the King’s Men should have to do the 8 / 16 hrs of training as appropriate , get a permit and be subject to the same restrictions as the rest of the workers and peasants when they’re not on the clock

  10. Training or running everyones health records through the NSA health data base, thanks to the new executive order from the WH?

    I bet their running everyones health records. I have learned that the Obama-care data base is an NSA data base and that stress related health problems are “NOW” being added to the data base.

    1. We’ll have a story on that in the next day or two.

      Scary stuff has just been implemented.


    2. I will be looking forward to reading that story jon. I have talked with larry Pratt about this problem. People dont know what has actually happened. It looks like if you go to the doctor for something like High Blood pressure, spastic colon or PMS and you could loose your 2A rights
      Thank you

  11. I think they have had enough time to handle aps and approve a system to process I think state and all levels of police should have some training on engageing legal conceal carry holders I have a larger fear of a hyper overreacting rookie officer then a cc holder

  12. Law enforcement agencies are prepared for this – most have wanted it for years and years.
    It seems theres still a lot of political influence going on that shouldn’t be.
    Instructors already had background checks. The 30 day objection period is -supposed- to be over for early applicants. There’s some question as to if this is just to give agencies that weren’t prepared to handle the objection process before the 5th adequate time.
    Then again, theres a lot more question as to why ISP had to pull back the approvals. Who’s pulling their strings?
    The same corrupt politicians they should be taking down rather than backing down to? The law is on the books – and the saddest part is that ISP dont seem to deal with official misconduct / civil rights violations. Poor Illinois.

  13. Re-Approved again today.
    This time I got an email also, confirming my acceptance, and that I’d see the card within 30 days.

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