We’ve seen reports that Wal-Mart is taking down the “No Guns” signage, thanks to gun owners politely contacting them and explaining the confusion the signs were causing.  GSL joined with other gun rights groups in encouraging gun owners to make their voices heard and with a little tact and finesse, it seems the signs are coming down as we wanted.

Nice job, everyone!

We will update this as we have a chance to run it down.



Just got off the phone with Beverly, the district manager Kevin Haney’s assistant.

She confirmed reports we’ve read and heard that Wal-Mart has reversed itself and will be removing the “No Guns” (for on-duty staff and vendors) signage from all of the Illinois stores in the coming days.

Kevin got the initial email from corporate on their decision on this earlier today, because his eight stores in central Illinois generated the most comments and concerns to corporate of any district in Illinois.

Kudos to all of you, right in the heart of Guns Save Life territory, for getting involved to get Wal-Mart to make the right decision to pull the signs.

Beverly did say that corporate legal people were working on the language of the final order to remove the signs but that should be a done deal by the end of the week at the latest and signs should start coming down very shortly after that.

Again, fabulous work, folks!

5 thoughts on “WIN! Signs coming down at Wal-Mart… UPDATED”
  1. This is great news !!! lets all keep the pressure on ANY business that infringes on our rights and invites us to be fish in a barrel for criminals. I plan to email write, ask for the manager, etc and will get friends to do the same. hopefully we can get more signs taken down.

  2. there’s a sign up at Ryan’s in Champaign now too… but it doesn’t comply with the state law anyway (a lot of businesses seem to be completely ignorant of the provisions), so I was debating whether or not to say anything about it.

    1. Say something about it. Property owners should be informed if they have it wrong. It can prevent conflict in the future.

      Also you may be able to be a good ambassador and change the business owners mind about making it a prohibited place.

  3. Is it possible to have some place on this web site for members to list a place that is posted “no firearms”? It would make it easier for those of us who wish to avoid those places.

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