Yes, they are a special kind of stupid at the San Jose Mercury News.

They print a dramatic picture of junk guns laying about in front of some police brass pontificating on how getting those guns “off the street” will make Oakland a safer place to live.  And the low-information reporters and editors at the Mercury News headline the story “Police:  Gun buyback program aims to remover [sic] firearms from Oakland streets”

In reality, the effect is likely the opposite as low-income families are now without a critical tool to defend their homes and families – at least for those specimens that actually worked.

The line of Oakland residents was almost two miles long as that city offered $200 per gun.

$200, even for non-functioning junk held together with bubble-gun, baling wire or duct tape.

Yes, they are a special kind of stupid.

We kinda wish they would bring that offer closer to the Heartland of America – say, Springfield, IL!

2 thoughts on “A special kind of stupid: S.J. Mercury News cheerleads gun buyback”
  1. Can we get one of these deals closer to me in Idaho please. I have a junk jenkins 22 pistol, probably originally went for $50 and never cycled reliably. I’ve been in debate about how to melt it down as one of its springs got lost in cleaning years ago and wasn’t worth fixing. $200 would be awesome. (And no, I don’t really want a buy back)

  2. I’ve got an old break top “suicide special” in .38 S&W, but the cylinder wobbles and doesn’t lock up right. I’ll take $200, or even $100 for it and put it towards another gun.

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