A nice neighborhood in South Carolina was turned into a crime scene as three non-productive thugs tried to rob an elderly woman on her way home from work late at night.

The 76-year-old woman, Dorothy Hendrix, proved to be tough as nails as she shot it out with the trio of scumbags, shooting one before succumbing to her wounds.  Sadly, she didn’t fatally perforate all three low-class pieces of human debris who tried to rob her, according to reports in the UK Daily Mail.

Dorothy Hendrix died holding the hand of a relative after the hoodlums left in a hurry.

Dorothy Hendrix.

And the scumbags responsible for her death:

Steven Hagood was shot in the stomach during the alleged attack. Sadly, he hasn’t died.
Dungbird Bradacious Galloway.


The brains of the outfit, Tereba Geer.

Oh yeah.  If Obama had some sons and a daughter…


Here’s the story from the Daily Mail.

‘She was a fighter. She shot him’: Defiant 76-year-old woman dies in shootout with gang of three who tried to rob her of bingo money

A 76-year-old woman was killed in a shootout as a gang tried to rob her outside her South Carolina home in the early hours of Saturday.

Dorothy Hendrix was shot twice by the gang of two men and a woman, but she managed to shoot one of her assailants in the stomach before dying of her wounds.

Steven Hagood, Tereba Geer, and Bradacious Galloway have all been charged with murder.

‘She fought. She was a fighter. She shot him,’ the victim’s brother, Ronnie Lollis, told WYFF News Channel 4.


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  1. Look at them closely, please. They represent the problem in this country–WAY too many that look like them are thugs. This is NOT racism–just an observation of a subculture of violence and a morality problem.

    SamAdams1776 III Oathkeeper
    Molon Labe
    Qui tacet consentit
    Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges.
    Idque apud imperitos humanitas vocabatur, cum pars servitutis esset.

  2. Fair Winds and Following Seas Ma’am! this Lady is the personification
    of an attitude that is sadly lacking in Liberal America today, that is I can, and I will do what is necessary too protect me and mine!
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