Two young thugs no match for 75 year old homeowner with a gun and a quick mind.


Gypsy Wayne Watts, seen in better days before a fatal error in victim selection.

In Minnesota, two young, fit men thought they could easily victimize an elderly man with some physical limitations.

They thought wrong.

The erstwhile victim, Charles Carlson, was sleeping on his porch after two A.M., when he awoke to noises and ran into Gypsy Wayne in his kitchen.  Gypsy Wayne also had a teenage accomplice with him.

When Gypsy Wayne pointed a revolver at his head, Carlson, who knows his guns, knew it was loaded because he could see the cartridges in the cylinder.

Thinking quickly, Carlson pretended to be blind and hard of hearing.  When the intruder lowered his gun for a moment, Carlson was able to access his own pistol.

He attempted to hold the thug for police, but when the thug advanced on him, Carlson shot him in the leg.  Gypsy Wayne then ran outside, before making his final, fatal error – again advancing on Carlson.

“We’re not finding anything that would indicate any wrongdoing on the homeowner’s part,” Chief Deputy Steven Blackwell said Thursday.

With a gun and presence of mind, a 75 year old with physical challenges, outnumbered two to one by young, physically fit armed criminals, was able to overcome and survive.

Bloomberg, et al… are you listening?  Or do you just not care?

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With an Old (Armed) Man”
  1. Gun control advocates DO care. It’s just that they feel much less threatened by criminals than they do by law-abiding free people.

  2. Gun control advocates, being the liberal scum they are care only for the poor misguided criminal who is not at fault because society did this to him and the mean victim just wanted to hurt someone.

  3. Poor Gypsy Wayne, I’m sure he was just trying to get the funds to “turn his life around”, and was signed up for rehab the next week before he was gunned down. (sarc)
    Good for Mr.Carlson, that he was able to defend himself from these thugs without himself getting injured, at his age, injuries can be life-threatening.

  4. There’s an old saying back where I grew up; “Old men don’t fight back…they’ll just shoot you!”

  5. Yep. Don’t mess. With us older people. We might not wait as long as we ought to before we react. You see we were. Brought up to act NOW. And if you waited a second to long. The old man already had his. Foot In your ass. And you remembered it for a long time !! As in forever…… —“” “” —

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