Tyler Smith stands back with two of his sons as wife Katie blasts pumpkins Friday at their home in Buckley. Smith started the survivalist group Spartan Survival to protect his family from a doomsday event. Smith will be featured on “Doomsday Preppers” at 6 and 8 p.m. Tuesday on the National Geographic Channel. DEAN J. KOEPFLER — Staff photographer.  [Editor’s note:  Apparently Katie hasn’t been to an Appleseed.  If she can’t handle her single-shot rifle any better than that, then she and the rest of Spartan Survival are going to lose some weight or end up dead in event of doomsday.]

These yahoos in Washington State think “preparing” for emergencies simply involves stocking up on guns and ammo to take other peoples’ supplies.

I wish them the best of luck.

In fact, it’s why I volunteer my time with groups like Appleseed and U.S. Rifleman’s Association, teaching everyday Americans the fundamentals of using their firearms effectively.  Students can use those skills to defend themselves and their families in event of attack.

In fact, I’ve been doing this since before Tyler started puberty.

National Geographic’s ‘Doomsday Preppers’ visits Buckley survivalist group

Buckley, Washington (News-Tribune) – Nuclear war. Volcanic eruption. Terrorist attack.

Though the scenarios of how an apocalyptic event would paralyze or destroy society varies, a group of like-minded individuals in East Pierce County believes a good defense is the best way to prepare for doomsday.

And some believe a good offense is even better.

“We’re not in it to stockpile. We’re in it to take what you have and there’s nothing you can do to stop us,” Tyler Smith says. “We are your worst nightmare, and we are coming.”

Smith, 29, is the leader of Spartan Survival. The group has more than 80 dues-paying members. Smith founded the organization in 2005 to train and prepare others on survivalism.

Bring it, boy.

My guess is that the 80-some dues-paying members are going to evaporate after the first one or two spring leaks caused by high-velocity lead projectiles.


Updated with photos from Tyler’s Facebook page.



172 thoughts on “So-called “prepper” fail: “We’re going to take what you’ve got and there’s nothing you can do””
    1. Remember the liberals will lie, cheat , steal, and throw grandma off the train to push their agenda, including posing these bottom feeders as preppers? Making true survival folks look dangerous?

    2. They are doing a fantastic job doing just that….lol That Chunky monkey they have in this article would last maybe one mag before his moron a** took a dirt nap!

    3. U-huh . Dumb , dumber and duh-mbest . Yeah , I’m sure they will turn tail when the lead starts to fly . Specially when they each get an ear lobe clipped off by a bullet . Then again , stupid is what stupid is .

    4. If he is an OK, then he’s just been vetted. We don’t take kindly to oathbreakers and fakers.
      Hey Stewart; here’s one who needs to be pushed on down the road.

    5. You got that right! If you ask me NO real prepper would ever appear on that show. It is as much “reality TV” as the WWE is “real wrestling”! The show is for “wannabe preppers”!

    6. No, if that is how he appears it is probably pretty spot on. I have not watched the episode, but have had interactions with Smith.

    7. Nat Geo isn’t out to make preppers look stupid. The show is produced by a sham company out of New York who is only interested in entertaining people and selling slots. The only connection to Nat Geo is that the show airs on their channel.

    8. As a former active duty Marine, and from washington state these idiots above from buckley can come and try and take from my house. I HOPE NAT GEO CHANNEL MAKES EM LOOK LIKE A BUNCH OF RETARDED IDIOTS.
      Good thing I was in an Infantry unit and had skillz to killz, because these yahoo’s from Buckley as someone very politely put it DEFINITELY DO NOT REPRESENT THE REST OF WASHINGTON STATE.
      Most of us at least have common sense to stock up on food and water (I have a 50 gpm well). A one car road in and out of my neighborhood. Perfect sniper scenario.

  1. This group has got to be Hillary supporters and OBAMAcareless navigatiors in training to “take from” everyone else. But, WHAT DOES IT MATTER ? they are just food for worms.

    1. ya know i’m getting really sick and tired of generalizations. not everyone who is a dem or a independent, or a female, or what ever is a freaking asswipe. we all don’t have our heads up our asses or buried in the sand. a whole lot of us do pay attention to what is going on around us.
      and blaming the dems, libs, obama or hillary is a freaking cheap shot.
      this shit that is going down to a shtf situation has been frigging coming at us for a very long damn time.
      maybe you should pay attention to some of the guys that have been prepping for 20 and 30yrs. be an adult nad leave the baby shit stuff of political grab ass behind.

    2. Well said. I’m a dem/lib and I’m proud of it. But I definitely do not have my head in the sand. I see what’s happening and what’s coming. Note that the guy you are all slamming (I have not seen the show) is probably a republican. It’s totally and individual thing. Generalizations are pointless.

    3. …and you generalized him as a Republican..he probably doesn’t affiliate or vote..just a product of the failed govt school system, would be a better guess..people without a moral compass come from all walks and parties…

    4. No they are NOT republican….if you are happy what mbombo and the democrats are doing to this country..keep voting democrat..but I suspect you haven’t got a clue…do you??

    5. I suspect that you’re not a true lib/democrat so much as an old style democrat or even a “dixiecrat”.

    6. I understand your sentiment. I have a Dem friend who is actually quite smart and aware. He also didn’t vote for obummer. But your little rant reminded me of a pic I post on Facebook a while ago that stated, “99% of the Democrats give the rest a bad name.” There will come a time when Reps, Dems, Libs or whoever, will bond together to defend the true rights of this country. Ok, I’m done now. God bless.

    7. If you vote democrat, you have your head up your ass. Women and independents no. But democrats… yes they are the reason we are in the current mess. Bush was bad, Obama is 10 times worse.

    8. dont forget who brought you the Patriot Act.im independant.i vote for who i think is going to be a problem solver not a problem maker.

  2. Ok, is anyone afraid of this dude?? I mean , really.. he could not walk across the street to get the mail yet alone take what I have.. If the pictures are any indication of his “abilities” then I will sleep soundly during the night. If you are going to prep, then learn the correct way by joining groups like http://www.live-free.org
    Paying some moron, who thinks he is going to just take what he wants (Obama follower) is stupid.

    1. Yes, this guy is more likely to die from heart disease than anything else but I wouldn’t underestimate his ability to either accidental kill you and take your stuff or build a group of like minded people, some in better shape and have tactical skills, to raid your home and leave you and your family with NOTHING.

    2. i’m glad to see some intelligence posting. that guy doesn’t need to be rambo himself. all he needs to do is be able to convice others that he’s the one to follow. the one to persuade others to do his dirty work for him and then they can share in to spoils. he might not be in the greatest shape but he can still point a gun and blow someones brains out.

    3. true, but if thats the case i hope for our own sake he is the one leading. im sorry but only some prepers stock supplies and no weapons. a very small percentage. those serious about this skill are going to have weapons, and are going to know how to defend themselves. it wouldnt surprise me if a preper group took out these “spartans” (my god they give spartans a bad name) preemptively.

    4. AMEN BROTHER!!!!!

  3. I get death threats all the time. I figure………..I don’t have to worry about the guys who’re all bombast. It’s the SILENT ones with the nasty eye that I worry about.

    This guy? Pshaw! One well armed defender and he and his fat wife are DOG FOOD. In the apocalypse, I will NOT be eating PEOPLE, but my DOGS sure as hell will be! Why let a perfectly good fresh-killed corpse go ta waste, eh?

    But the POINT in all this is, there are and will be those out there WHO PLAN to simply kill you and take what you have. You know this. You are prepared for it right now. They’ll want your possessions and to rape your women.

    If you haven’t yet, read “One Second After” by William Forstchen. In a matter of MONTHS, it may be your study guide for survival.

    I live in Iroquois County. I fear that bloodthirsty horde of one million plus dark-skinned fellers coming straight down I57 cause “well, dats whey da food at, dem farms!” I can’t take ’em all out. I can flank them and head elsewhere, though.

    John has written of close encounters NOW, now that the society is ORDERED. WHat do you think’s going to happen when DISORDER rules?

    So watch this episode and laugh at the fat loser, but if you learn ONE VALUABLE detail, whether planning, or tactical or simply human-nature-wise, then God Bless ya.

    I’ve watched all of ’em and, yes, more than half those people are clinically insane, but a couple of ’em have it right. And the guys at Practical Preppers have TAUGHT me much.

    God be with us all, cause Iran is less than three weeks away from the NUKE, and Israel hasn’t taken ’em out yet. Once they get it, we’re dead too. America’s slogan: “Land of the Free, Home of the BRAVE!” Iran’s national slogan: “DEATH TO AMERICA!!!!!!!!” No shit. I’m serious. LOOK IT UP>

    1. I’m in Will Co. Bring that tub of lard here (If he even dreamed of making it that far) He’s so lard coated Ray Charles could hit the 10 ring all day on him. And Surgery- Really- Wow…. That thumping you are feeling under your feet is Charles Darwin rolling in his grave. Bring it on tubby. As a Marine carrying 100 lbs of gear did not include the blubber or rotten teeth. (Try Crest, I hear it works) After you guys off I57 get done send his carcass to I80 and I55. The dogs could use a good meal. The dead wife too.. I have seen retards but wow. This guy takes the cake. This has to be a spoof. No right minded person can take wiggle and jiggle for serious. Reason he needs fabricated body armor is I have never seen XXXXXXXXXXL offered before… Bring in on to Illinois tubby. We will gladly show you the muzzle end of how we prep. Don’t even need seismic monitors with that lard ass coming… What a joke….. Do us a favor, do the surgery tonight and then try a lobotomy on yourself…

    2. “…Thanks folks, I’ll be here all week…”

      Your succession of one-liners left me laughing on the floor, you should be working a room in Vegas! I wasted 30 min watching the episode containing this chubby POS. I could only laugh hysterically at the thought of this fat f__k waddling up my driveway in his “body armor”. I hear those pieces of ceramic bathroom tile he’s pasting all over himself make great shrapnel…

    3. Just an easy target and he makes us look like fools when there are MASSES of us who will go to every effort to help our fellow man. If you come with open arms and a clean heart you will be helped my more people who prep than you can imagine. If so idiot like this comes knocking it’s gonna be over with one round. Thanks for making us look like assholes fat-fuck! Hard enough being “Politically Correct” all the time and you just cranked the “way-back-machine” to full tilt

    4. how could you do that to your dogs? why would you make them sick on purpose, treat your dogs well, they will be your best friends when SHTF…

    5. …fat sumbitch hung on a trotline would sure catch a good size gator down here in Texas…

    6. Good riddance to a POS like that…from I-80 and I-39…Illinois has alot more patriots than we are given credit for…hooah!

    7. Gonna need a sharp blade your cutting through that rock on his shoulders… The stalagmites he calls “teeth” should be considered flying shrapnel. I just can’t believe he has not been charged with having that map on the wall with targets (It does show implied consent to commit a criminal act) It’s cheaper to not have the taxpayers feed him en-masse as he is a whale in cammo. (Must have been cut from a cargo-chute from an Abrams drop platform)..
      To the poster about the dogs, your right, I should not feed them on that pile of shit. Lord knows he would last a while however… Try that body armor with a .308 and call it a wrap. I LOVED seeing him get his ass kicked in the cage match… And he makes a living as a “Survival consultant?” Fucking really??? Are you selling flanks of your lard ass for food for god knows what would eat it?? Obviously you don’t know dentistry so the c-section should go as well as pissing in the wind…. I never get this wound up but this pile of retarded shit is really under my skin… I could do one-liners all day on this idiot- so much material to work with…. Die now PLEASE….

    8. One Second After is a great book, and a must read for preppers….I believe that is a very accurate description of the total breakdown of society in a SHTF situation. This guy….couldn’t outrun my 3 year old granddaughter. However, I believe he is a danger because he is putting together some random ‘organizational’ prep stuff. He is one of those people that will let the others do the work then rush in to grab and take credit.

    1. For all those in the Washington and Oregon region you might want to become more acquainted with Mr. Tyler Smith and his group of self described muarders. He declared in the episode that his plan wasn’t to stock up and live peacefully but to have 6 months put away and then steal what he needs from those that did prepare. Just my opinion but if the SHTF it might be a good idea to head over to his homestead and give him a “lead” injection as a preemptive strike. The man is a parasite and could be dangerous for anyone who prepared in the Northwest region, in my humble opinion.
      Here is his website: http://washingtonstatemilitia.ning.com/profile/TylerSmith

  4. One Second After was an excellent book. One of the few things I noticed them not working on was…fishing. Fishing. He even mentioned a lake in the area. Anyway a lot of good info in there.
    Yep if and when it goes down ( I really believe an EMP if not a blast from the sun ) it will be totally crazy. TOTALLY! Living on a fixed income I do what I can. But bugging ‘out’ will be the bitch. Also the moral magnitude of hiking ( or biking ) to get to my elderly mother about 45 miles away. Not to mention other family members who say, as of now, they would rather just die. Yeah right.
    What do you all think about the looting? I’m sure not gonna say I’ll be the first one out the door when the lights go out but how long do you think it will take for most people to head for the grocery stores…not to mention the pharmacies. I have a friend who’s son suffers from juvenile diabetes. And if you read the book you’ll know what I mean.
    Anyway I can see…someone………….heading for Wal Greens to get the antibiotics to name a few…………God help us when it happens. Some idiot reporting to congress about EMP’s said the United States could lose half of the population in the first year………really? Half? Three quarters or more imho. Bet it doesn’t happen in the spring, rather it will happen the week after Thanksgiving. Just in time for cold weather to be permanent for 3/4 of the country for the next 5 months.
    Keep your powder dry. Steve
    Corb Lund has an excellent prepper song called ‘Going Down to The Mountain’. YouTube it. Of course stupid TV channels missed an opportunity to use this song on more than a few ( National Geographic ) documentary’s.

    1. Looks like his FB page has been removed, and that the Washington Militia threw him out, as their site says he’s no longer a member.

  5. I had to laugh a little at the body armor tests. He kept accentuating the 12 gauge vs the ammunition used. It’s pretty obvious he was “testing” with bird shot. Even if someone was defending their survival cache with a 12 gauge, they would least use slugs.

  6. Homeowner: “Hey! What are you doing in my house”?

    Tyler: “You sure gotta purdy mouth boy”.

    Homeowner:” Dude, take whatever, I’m outta here”.

  7. To be honest I wish they make a weekly show about this guy. Every time he open his mouth I could not stop laughing. He will make a fortune selling his body armor to dick chenys duck hunting partners.

  8. What a complete jack ass I will shoot right through his washing machine and bathroom tile armor if he ever shows his face in Oregon city what an asshole…..too bad him and his sister decided to have kids freaking mouth breathers shouldn’t breed

  9. I’ve met that type before. Thought he was prepared w/ a 10’x10′ garden and a rain barrel. Said he would take anything else he needed. No SHTF bag, no fall back locations, no routes on how to get there (“I’ll just ram through any blockades”). He’ld be gone w/i the first few days as other people thought the same thing.

  10. Nat Geo really does go out of their way to find a certain demographic to showcase in order to fit their agenda, and they have one. To make people who “prep” look like loons. This huckster really takes the cake too. I give Shambles a 24-48 hr life expectancy after zero hour. People like this give the rest of us, the kind that would help out their neighbors in a catastrophic emergency, a bad name.

    1. Then again, the wise, intelligent and prudent “prepper” wouldn’t allow themselves to be identified and broadcast on national TV.

      It may just be a matter of taking what they can get.

    2. Ya think NatGeo might just be warning people about some of the WSHTF. Most will be caught off guard, Some will be caught off guard by the likes of him. I’ld bet bullets for bananas that he’ld send his Sister and their kids in first to reconnoiter.

  11. Taylor, let’s you and I try a little experiment. Both of us will use air soft equipment, please try and take my supplies from me. Bring your junk yard armor and your two digit IQ with you. It will have a really different ending than you anticipate, I promise. Dude, you could have not looked more foolish!

    1. That is for sure. What a weak excuse for a human. We live in Washington, and they are not a good representative of the preppers here. He and his family will be one of the first to go, I am afraid. I feel sorry for the kids, but if your gene pool has that to pull from, you need to chlorinate it. We plan to help when the SHTF…that is the only way we can retain our humanity. If you go into this with his mentality, he’s going to need more than 80 people. Just saying.

  12. He is the first one the gov will come after if some thing happens, I wouldnt be suprised if he gets rounded up in the near future just for being a threat like this to the public.

  13. I almost turned the show off when this tub of crap was waddling around in the 75 lbs. of junk he made into body armor. the only bigger idiot than him is the morons paying to be his students . all I can say is whoever they decide to rob first is going to have a tired trigger finger and a sore back from hauling all the carcasses off their property. If this dummy and his 80 ” students ” actually had brains they could set up very well without risking their necks trying to rob heavily armed wide awake people.

    Prepping is about living through the crisis, not getting shot to death by actual preppers who will be watching for this kind of thing. and why is it that some woman always wants to have kids with a dumb ape like this ?

  14. Attention Tacoma, Washington Oathkeepeers. This Idiot and his scum are in your A.O.
    Yea so…I just started watching this weeks Doomsday Preppers. This first idiot thats on..My lord! “He’s gonna take any and all the supplies he needs by force”. I hope this idiot and his “Marauders” first house they hit is a Veterans…..Half of them will have head canoes on the front lawn and the other half will flee wounded! Get a fucking job, prep for yourselves and for god sacks stop reproducing!!! Try being part of the solution instead of the problem. You will be a statistic in days! The people that will survive a major emergency are the ones that can stay out of confrontations and work with there communities. Wouldn’t it be easier to buy and store the supplies you need then to put your life on the line every week raiding? Not to mention the areas Oathkeepers will soon hear of his evil doings and seek him and his ilk out. Justice will be served and it will be swift. Protection of the lawful citizens will be a priority! The U.S. is filled with honorable men and women that will never stand for your kind!

    1. OooRah to that, powder is dry, Locked, loaded and ready for idiots like this guy and his minions.

  15. I applaud the writer of this article for his repeated mention of the project Appleseed program, as an instructor for this fine program I can attest to his words, the skills it teaches are invaluable and the history it teaches more so, it is one of the things that can put our great nation back on track

  16. LMAO…Bring it on You Fat, Slobs! This is SO Funny its Painful! You Fat, Lazy Pieces of Human Garbage are going to have a RUDE Awakening when your Lazyasses come to MY house for a visit!!!! Yeah, PLEASE…Come take my Stuff and we’ll SEE if there is “Nothing I can do about it”!!! LMAO….You AND your Fat Friends, Fat Wife, and Fat Dogs are going to look Like SpongeBob FAT Pants when we are finished with you! I can PROMISE you that! So PLEASE…PLEASE….BRING IT!!!!!
    Ya know, it makes one wonder just how many Like-Minded individuals there are out there that think like these Fat, Lazy pieces of S&%T!!! Its Obvious they are too lazy to do ANYTHING fro themselves, so they think they are going to take everyone elses stuff rather than doing the work it takes to do it on their own….WOW….What a “Wake Up Call” THEY are going to have when the Shit hits the fan huh? LOL….Sure wish I could be there to see the look on their Fat Faces when someones 12ga Shotgun Blows their FAT Heads CLEAN OFF!!!!!!!

    1. Oh, and I agree 100% with Mike B.,
      As a member of “OathKeepers” I surely hope the Washington/Oregon Chapters have this Slob on their Radar now, and intend on paying this Fat Slob a Visit BEFORE the SHTF!!!!!! These are just the kinds of Lazy, Fat Morons that make the Rest of us Normal, SANE Preppers look like Shit! Oathkeepers of the Pacific Northwest PLEASE, Keep your eyes on these Morons….even though they ARE Fat, Lazy and Stupid…they COULD cause a LOT of Damage to Good, Decent People that do not know how to handle them! And there is NO sense in Letting that happen! No Innocent people should get Hurt by these Idiots…we have ALL the Information we need on these Clowns….lets not let these Tubs get the chance to hurt Anyone!!! Please everyone up there…..keep your eyes on these Clowns!!!!!!

  17. Obama even gets blamed for this guy, lmao. Jesus I guess you can blame Obama for every thing. Doomsday Peppers find the best television while talking about the prepper lifestyle. Its tv people this guy will be dead from a heart attack or self inflicted injury long before an American social collapse.

  18. Sure, break in and take my stuff. I bet you’ll be wondering why you feel so sick when you eat the food out of the wrong jar.
    All I have to do is follow you back to your place and wait until you have scarfed down all my food, even the tainted stuff, and then gather up all your supplies and bring them back home, while you lay there dying in your own vomit.

  19. He doesnt look like any Spartan I have ever seen. One round from my .50 cal will stop him and his group.

  20. What we all need to consider is that while these monkey’s are fat and out of shape, there WILL be those who are trained and capable of taking what is yours. DO you’re research and train yourself and your loved ones in defensive tactics to protect not only your supplies but your loved ones as well. Have a bug out point that is NOT located near a major freeway or road, try to have the high ground at your bug out point, practice being on sentry 24/7 and know the area in and out of your bug out location. Osama and 15 rag tag men with AK47’s held off the most advanced mechanized military ever created at tora bora for three days and escaped with minimal losses. Oooraaa

  21. That goofy fuck doesn’t look like he would make it on a mile hike how the fuck is he going to take other people’s shit? I could pick him off with my bow he would never even know I was there, Dude better start training harder, lol, because that is one battle he would loose instantly.

  22. The fat lard will be eating grass by the roots in no time. Plenty of preppers out there who would love an excuse to pull the trigger, he will be one of them.

    Has anyone seen this prepper/survivalist card game? My group and I use it to get our mindsets on the same page, I definitely recommend it to any group. There shouldnt be a question if a guy like this would get shot or not.


  23. I guess this ‘genius’ thinks nobody else has guns and ammo, and he’s just going to walk in and take yours. LMAO He’s going to prey on those that didn’t prepare, and are looking for stuff themselves. The easy prey. He’ll be dead in a week.
    Not to mention about the 80 dues paying members to his Spartan Pizza and Beer club… Being preppers, I’m sure they have figured their money isn’t safe in a bank, so someone is holding the cash. My guess is he takes the money and splits from the group. Anyone who is planning on taking other peoples stuff, what makes you think your stuff is safe with him? He can’t be trusted in the first place. But then, Buzzards got to eat, same as worms, so I guess there is a place for people like him.

  24. These fat bastards do not possess enough “tactical” in their blood to take what I or my group has. They are pirates. We wont show any mercy to pirates. The only thing of ours they can have is the brass laying on the ground after they show up….but they will be too DEAD to pick it up. Judging from the size of these fatasses, they couldnt sneak up on a box of twinkies.

  25. I can promise you one thing. That dude will not be taking anything from anyone….except maybe his sister’s virginity. Sorry. Inappropriate. There is no way his sister is a virgin.

  26. this guy is nothing but a loud mouth attention whore, roll your fat asses down my street and see what happens. those fat pigs will make great targets.

  27. Yahoos in “WESTERN Washington” – the east side of the state would not produce an idiot like that.

  28. I have always wondered what the lifespan of a scavenger would be in the apocalypse. I submit it shorter then the door gunner in Vietnam.

  29. I’ve seen “wanna be’s” like him come and go over the years. When the first round in a fire fight they’ll scatter like Quail. When one of their members is hit, reality will set in. Talk is cheap, but costs money to ride a train…. and they ain’t got the fare.
    As a former sniper in Vietnam (65/67) these wanna be’s haven’t a clue of what a fire fight is about nor the fear involved. I hope for their sake they stay put and mind their own business should a fit really hit the shan… for there are too many veterans out there now they would have to contend. The tub of lard featured in the photo is a joke and he best deflate his fat Ego and put it to better use. Nuf’ said.

  30. A person who is a legitimate prepper doesn’t tell others his plans, doesn’t boast about what he/she has and doesn’t look to initiate plans to take things by force from others. Trust me, true survivors know full well that in the event of any difficulty – someone is coming to try to take your shit! Being prepared means already being aware that schmucks like this exist and being 100% ready to take definite action to terminate anyone trying to take what is yours! I love it when amateurs on social media sites show pictures of themselves holding a huge knife or incorrectly holding a gun.
    Lastly, I love the fact that photos of these yahoos show that they are all fat, out of shape, inbred morons! I hope they do come – ill need something to feed my dogs!

  31. The smartest thing this over-fed wana-be can do is keep his mouth shut before someone prematurely tags and bags him. If he really wants to survive and not go around runnin’ his mouth, he would be sure his stockpile of food and water source were secure and safe…. have plans to prevent boredom within the ranks of his own family… take a military course in Psychology of Survival, then set a defense perimeter around his property. But Egos always get in the way of half-breed idiot wanna-be’s, who watch too many movies and/or play video games. Oh well… I don’t know why I waste my time responding to such idiocity on those with such overblown imaginations.

  32. Wow, I hope you don’t lump all Washingtonians together because of this douche and his idiotic followers. There are idiots everywhere. Trust me, there are plenty of WA…excuse me, WESTERN WA, preppers who aren’t so…moronic.

    1. Thank you for clarifying that…Western Washingtonians…
      Those of us in the mountains resent any comparisons.

  33. I’m not so overly worried abouth this bunch of numb nutts. Yes, there will be those who will try and yes there will be those who will die attempting to try. This doomsday prepper show is a laughing stock of idiots. Only a few, a very few on this show know the true purpose of preparing their family for surviving a disaster or emergency. Geez… what a joke!

  34. You are going to take what I’ve got? and there is nothing I can do about it?… BwaHahahaha!…This makes me laugh! seriously! I am laughing so hard over this that I am in tears. …anyway, to any who would try doing this you are more than welcome to make the attempt but be forewarned, all I have for you is a lot of pain and humiliation, followed by total annihilation. …so go ahead, come and take what I’ve got for you and enjoy douchebag.

  35. I’m kinda new to preps guys, having just moved back to the ancesteral home. But here are a few of the takeaways I see, and please forgive if I state the obvious.

    I will probably never see this guy, he’ll probably be the first one killed simply because he’s enough of a media whore to announce his intentions. It’s the smarter guys who think the same way that worry me.

    So, to do’s besides putting away food and water: reinforce the house. Maybe a faux stone wall against the lower third?

    Find the Appleseed project in my area (Wenatchee, WA) and get some more training on my firearms! :/ (And get something besides my 2 deer rifles)

    1. Don’t forget to stock up on first aid, too. If you haven’t already, go check out a forum called Survivalist Boards. Lots of awesome people there and tons of ideas for preppers, homesteaders, and survivalists.

  36. Just a side note if the end comes. I have been preparing all my life and I prefer the silent approach to survival. Don’t brag about what you have. Don’t let anyone know what you have. It very well could be a single bullet that prevents someone from taking what you have. If you have a gun don’t let anyone know you’re carrying it. They may actually try to take your stuff without firepower but a trained sniper would shoot you if you are carrying in the open. Why waste a bullet on someone who is unarmed? Why fight someone who carries a gun when shooting them is easier?

  37. This fat rolly polely mouth breather will be lucky to survive his first attempt at taking anyones food…. Hopefully for his sake he can atta ck on flat ground because, on hill any bigger than you standered curb will have him mouth breathing so hard you’ll be able to jear him from 1/2mile away…. And for most preppers i know thats well within rifle rage! 🙂

  38. Bring your stupid self into my world. Take what you want? From me?
    Come see me and you will fall….fast and hard. A true survivalist does not need others
    to “pay” to learn. We already know. Show up on my pkrch and you will become worm food!

  39. Especially in the area where he lives, he will not be the Apex predator he imagines. LOL. Nowhere would he be considered that. He may get lucky a few times.

    Pierce county right by Ft. Lewis? With 2/75th and 1st Group along with all the retired Spec Ops guys in the area? Good luck fatty. LOL and get crackin’ on the PT.

  40. I’ll laugh and laugh and laugh my ass off when they are ALL dead and rotting in White trash land. HAAAAAA HA HA HA HA HA!

  41. They come around me trying that shit I will “make him watch”, then slice their heads off.

  42. The simple solution for Slobbin Hood and his Band of Merry Obese Men with Recessed Gentalia and Obese Women Who Look Like Men with Recessed Genitalia is…drum roll please… leave copious amounts of poisoned Twinkies outside on your porch if you suspect they are in your AO. You KNOW they arent coming in through a window or upper floor! Any survivors will likely hit your fridge after getting in the house. Explosive cake or claymore pie? Acid Pepsi? Sue your imagination. The worst part will be removing 80 X 300 lbs = 24,000 lbs of human goo from your property. You may just have to bug out and go to zero burn at that point. OR tank traps around the property might work. Pour gas on them in the morning and light em up! You’ll have light for weeks!

  43. Plan C would be to spray the fat slob leader ginger guy with chocolate sauce and let the other ones eat him. Once they are satiated, they will leave.

    If you need to track them follow the the tell tail signs…toilet seats that are broken and askew… Deep foot prints in that moist Washington State soil. Vehicles that appear to be loaded with explosives and scrap BUT in reality it is just filled with a few morbidly fat people in kit. Wheezing. Spit and mucus every few feet. Strong foul cheese smells. Panting… Broken articles of clothes and kit like belts. Vomit with partially digested fried foods and candy or chips in it. Cookie bits. Lots of broken things. Fat huffing person laying on its side with inhaler trying to appear “invisible” off the trail by shutting its eyes tightly… Thigs like that.

    Zombies are WAY worse. Fatties who think they are bad asses are easy.

    1. Haha! Well said. “Cardio”. I like Exterminator. Now HE or SHE is a true bad ass who gets it! Ooh rah! That made my day. Still laughing…

  44. Those shots are all from Western Washington. Western Washington Society revolves around taking stuff from others. This would e SOP for the area.

  45. I’m from Buckley.. I’m not part of his group but I do believe that prepping is essential. I am a member of the NRA and I know how to use a gun and trust me, I will use it to defend myself and my family. Fact is, I know who I would kill first in an emergency situation.. Home-made body armor will not save you. Quick on your feet thinking will.

  46. I congratulate the man at being honest. Better then most people, He gave fair warning and is using a tactic so many peoples in the past have. What’s the age old saying? “To the victor goes the spoils.” Almost all of the comments I have seen have been how they will kill him and his family and rape his wife. Really? If a scenario like this did happen I would be one of the first to get the hell out of dodge. Not until I knocked over a Walgreen’s, a Right-aid , Bi-mart or any other place that carried supplies. It’s the smart fucking thing to do. You can preach and shout about injustice or how you will kill the mans family but its a animal urge to protect your family, your clan or your life. If you will not fight to survive then you have a very small chance of surviving.

    1. Gave – you’re a moron with low morals and poor reading comprehension. Nobody here wants to rape that sow. Maybe you should consider taking steps now to prepare yourself for a potential emergency instead of just planning to “knock over” a Walgreens? Do you actually think you’ll be alone when you get there? You don’t think the rest of the retards are going to go try the same suicide mission? You’ll be second-to-go.

    2. Copy that…. He’ll be really in trouble when he finds all the Beaners and Brothers looting the places he plans to visit… I give him two minutes in a real time sit. being generous at that….

  47. there goal is to make pepper’s look stupid. Well they hit nail on the head with this one with a group straight out of Burt reynolds movie deliverance. Let them they come to Alaska n try/we have plenty of crab pots to fill, here.

  48. These scum aren’t survivalists, they’re freebooters.
    Their fat, out of shape, dumb asses are going to die on their first raid.

  49. He’d not last a minute in a combat situation. Any combatant will tell you, in order to survive you need to be fit and totally in shape. As my drill Sargeant would say, only the fit are brave. So true Sarge.

  50. This fat cockroach tub of lard and his inbred, pudgy crew are in for a rude awakening. In short: evil, violent and low-intellect slobs like these will be the FIRST to go when TSHTF. Wish I could be there to see it. Maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll come by to take something. This lard-ass punk has no idea of the world of hurt he and his pathetic pals are in for… Of course, this keeps his mind off of the wildebeest he’s married to and is forced to bed down with… That’s enough to fill him with doubts about his manhood and a rage looking for an outlet.
    Good luck, you bloated Grimace. You’ll need it.

  51. Do I laugh at this guy or just drive over to Buckely and pay him a visit? Comedy gold or red alert? He seems to actually be suffering from mild retardation and an amazing amount of ignorance and arrogance. Does he actually think his idea is unique? FFS. Isn’t he EXACTLY what nearly all Preppers are prepping for? Does he actually think this is some “new angle” on surviving a SHTF scenario? Ol’ Gloppy will be dead by dawn on the first day.

    Shame on NatGeo for exploiting this sad delusion single-helix-mutant and allowing him to embarrass himself like this. I feel sorry for the kids – his and the second family shown, as well. These kids are suffering irreversible damage at the hands of these drooling inbreds.

  52. You think I won’t hear your fat ass coming? The sensors I deployed will notify me? You will be rotting on the ground with the next sun and have your fly buddies crawling up your nose.

    1. Sensors? How about the tremors and liquids in your containers making vibration rings like in Jurassic Park? The audible “boom boom boom” of their foot falls and their stomach gurgles should give them away about 100m out. If your sensors are live animals, i can see that but it’s kind of cruel.

  53. Suck in that gut, Smith! Pull those shoulders back! Close that gaping pie-hole–no pies in sight! Cut off those extra toes, they’ll just get in the way on a raid!

    Disgusting fat slob fuck.

    1. If that dude sucks that gut in, it will fall into his ass and he will fall backwards feet up and be a giant weeble wooble. Also, old boy hasnt seen his toes since childhood. No way he can reach them. They probably have fallen off years ago due to gangrene. Did you see his teeth? He pretty much was a mouth breather so hard not to. They are fake. At least most of them are. Too many sugary treats for Baby Huey.

  54. Back in the hills we just knock um in the head and throw um over in the hog pen. You can run um through the chipper if ya wanna make quick work out of um. Hogs don’t mind and the eat um up a bit quicker, don’t smell so much that way…..

  55. No I don’t think Nat Geo’s aim was to make preppers look stupid. Lots of people have great respect for them. I think NG highlighted a ‘particular kind’ of ‘prepper’ – the fake kind and we all should know about and get ready for. Forewarned is foreArmed! I seriously think he won’t find anyone to rob and will have to live off his own fat blubber if he want’s to survive? … Maybe his family will eat Him? Lol

  56. I say bravo, way to get everyone talking and thinking about groups that will be out to do everyone harm. I would like to give this guy the benefit of the doubt and say “he is doing this in a reverse psychology way to get people thinking” “he cant believe that he would have a big macs chance at getting away with it” But if he is serious, and honestly believes he will be successful at this, I have something for him to think about, how are his kids going to survive after he and Honey Boo Boo have the life snatched out of them during one of their “raids”? Serious survivors have so many plans for people like this, it might take them a second or two to figure out which one they want to use on these idiots. Just make sure when you try it you bring your quality gear and weapons with you, because I have no use for crap gear, probably wouldnt even be able to barter it away.

  57. This fat piece of shit fuckface literally threatened to kill me my two girls under 2 and husband with gasoline and a match! I guarantee if I ever see this bevis looking piece of lard I promise he will feed my family for a few days. I can outshoot run him any day with my two babies on my hip..and that’s not even counting a fight or flight situation.

  58. Ha Ha Ha! 375 lbs, can’t walk up a hill, but you have the Tap Out shirt goin on huh? Nice, best of luck to you pal.

    I think my standard size door frame will stop you in your tracks.

    What an asshat.

  59. Didn’t anyone teach the twinke hoarding lard to not mess with anyone who can end him and his 80 followers from another zip code?

  60. I’ll GLADLY send this fat fu*k my address , and I will film the event when he and his croanies all sping leaks from being shot . What an idiot . Its yahoos like him that give survivalists a bad name . He wont make it when the SHTF .

  61. I know the area where these fat people live. Will post actual address soon as I get it. We’ll see who has 1st strike.

  62. Like the song says…”Come to the nightmare, Come to me….” You’re all mine!! 2 hits…me hitting him(in any fashion that I choose) him hitting the ground!!! I have plenty more for those other 80+/- punks.

  63. It took him six years of study to perform a C-section. His plan to perform his skills on his wife via the pathogen infested dirt floor of a deteriorated barn instead of the house 50 yards away speaks volumes of his cognitive ability. His members should demand their money back and split if they wish to live.

  64. I’ve jokingly said this before, but there’s one difference between me and tubby here. I served in the military and have been trained in small unit tactics with emphasis on installation security/defense. I have experience from OIF and OEF and came to the conclusion that, although it’s fun to say it, the true advantage is on the side of the defenders.
    There’s only one thing to “hope” regarding a scenario happening soon, and that is that tub boy and his whale of a momma won’t have any time to get in any real shape(as if that looks to be their plan anyway. I bet the last time either of them saw a treadmill was in passing at Walmart on the way to the ding dongs and cheese doodles.) If the SHTF you can rest assured that they’ll die of a heart attack on the way from one firing position to another! Then, free guns and ammo! THEIRS!!

  65. Come by my place you Inbred bastards! I’ll take out everyone of you! (one shot,one kill) from the looks of these Inbreeds, they are going to have to rob an entire grocery store to keep them big nasty bellies full!

  66. I hope that fat ass shows up at my house. It would be a pleasure taking him out of the gene pool.

  67. This show is a disinformation show designed to make gun owners and real preppers look like fools.

    I dont give waste my time with shows like that.

    We should be working on repealing laws like the 68GCA and the Illinois FOID card than worrying about clowns like this.

  68. I wold cut all the fat off his body and melt it down to run my Diesel generator. It would run my generator for a while.

  69. The 15 acres they are on was recently being rented by my household. We were still living there when they first filmed on the property. We were informed by Smith and the landowner that we had no rights as the renters to prevent having over a dozen armed individuals camping on the property, potentially for days, with no preparations for sanitation. Instead they attempted to demand access to the house and power. They set up a door in the field to practice home invasions. Smith and his band proceeded to make threats, I.E. stating loudly near the house “We should just shoot them and get it over with” and telling us they would take possession of the property “by any means necessary”. All the while they circled the house with rifles which were kept pointed at our home, allowed their dog to harass my ducks and geese, blocked the driveway and drove their trucks through a seasonal wetland. We felt no option but to move out (there are also a lot of safety issues with the house that the owner failed to address and it was becoming apparent that he no intention of doing so.) As we were in the process moving out Smith and his cronies took turns, showing up every few hours to see/ask if we were out yet. Smith asked one member of our household if we had left anything valuable behind.

  70. This guys is a moron. His stated intention is to rob other people basicly making his group a ‘gang’. As with most gangs in history such as the James-Younger gang or the Dillon gang they will eventually be put down. They may have some success, but people don’t take kindly to having their hard earned property taken by lazy thugs.
    I also highly encourage everyone who teaches preparedness, survival, or firearms courses to reject from your classes anybody associated with this group, Spartan Survival.

  71. All this show did is make this dude a target. Nice one fat ass. No one’s impressed. Chances are there’s enough OIF/OEF vets in your area to seriously fuck your world up. Watch this douche walk into an L-shaped ambush the minute he leaves his compound.

  72. “There is no honor among thieves” When it comes time to divy up the loot the more skilled members of this group will off him in a nanosecond; others will abandon will the group and the remaining few will start offing each other.

  73. Hello all. I left very, very jaded and correctly directly criticism at this snaggle-toothed wonder of the failure in Darwinisim so let me say this. Tyler. You are your own worst enemy next to the plaque in your arteries. I openly stated we are in Will Co. Il and I am a former USMC officer and affiliated with like minded people in my immediate area. You have set reputable and HONEST preppers for whatever reason they do so at peril (I got my head out after Katrina him La.) My GF and I are openly disgusted at not only your lack of hygiene but your mental position. I have been to Africa on Safari and hunted animals close to your size. As I commented- Please- I do mean PLEASE bring it to IL. Our state may have it’s problems but when the poop hits the fan we pull together. Your life expectancy varies from bridge to bridge as some are in disrepair and your girth may compromise them on that alone… We here have a good prep network not only for ourselves but also that of our fellow man. We have put together kits for those un-prepared with filter-straws, basic foods, chemlites and emergency blankets etc. We are willing to HELP our fellow citizens not raid upon them. You have the entire picture backwards and if something happens I imagine people in your area will simply hunt you down as a preemptive measure. You are a disgusting fat fuck with no honor or dignity. You reap what you sew. We have decided to dig into our pocket to HELP. You have proved that #1 you need a very good dentist and #2 third grade education was a mistake on your parents for letting you stop school to bang sheep or your sister (one in the same is possible) In a way I feel sorry you don’t get the picture to help in times of crisis. A lot of us here have opted to help others and not only ourselves. You are an embarrassment to prepping in it’s purest form and made us look like fools. Read my comments earlier and take them seriously. In IL. we stand together. You would be dead at the state line (After you butchered your wife to death) I won’t even get into that as it does not merit my time from a person who can’t operate a tooth-brush yet think they can perform surgery. I am just livid you made it to the show. I would NEVER be on it for my own reasons but you really screwed things up. Face it tubby. First sign of unrest and you are now the hunted so wear your bathroom tiles and wait for the shot to clean you off the planet…. My girlfriend put it best– Paint you red from head to toe and you now are the new “Cool-aid-man” I would love to meet you in a alley one day…

  74. You all are probably right, this guy may not last long, but he could do enormous damage before he’s finally put down- especially to the average non-prepper citizen. I hope that the retired military and current law enforcement in his part of Washington state will remember him and take preemptive action in the event of a WROL.

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