Image via ZeroHedge.

You do the math.  Nearly 1.7m Americans bought guns last month, paying good money to secure the means to defend themselves and their family from criminal attack.

Nearly 50k bought Obamacare – and most of them got it for free or darn close to it.

3 thoughts on “Americans 34 times more interested in buying guns than Obamacare”
  1. Obamacare will not protect you from “lead poisoning”, “bodily perforations”, or “impact trauma”. For that, you have to protect yourself, I would suggest a gun, and I would judge by the statistics that there are a lot of people out there that agree with my assessment.

  2. One group fighting armed robbery from other persons, one group robbing everyone else electronically with Osama’s LAW. If you are buying birth control for government sponsored pleasure, How about buying my bullets for relaxation therapy at the “range”.

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