Oh, the irony is rich.  (h/t to “GunFree Zone” blog).

Anti-gun activists in Philadelphia can’t see the forest for the trees.

“GunCrisis.org” claims to be “Seeking solutions to the epidemic of homicide by gunfire in the City of Brotherly Love”.  In reality, they are advocating civilian disarmament.

They hang up “Stop Shooting People” posters thinking that’s going to stop bad men armed with guns and evil in their heart.

In reality, the only thing that stops an bad person with evil in their heart is a good guy (or gal) with a gun.

But that sails right over the heads of do-gooders and low-information voters, like those at guncrisis.org.

Police look for evidence on the 1500 block of N. Hollywood Street, Friday Nov. 8, 2013, after a man was multiple times and taken to Hahnemann Hospital. GunCrisis.org/ Joseph Kaczmarek
4 thoughts on “Anti-gun activists haven’t figured out that posters don’t stop bad men with guns”
  1. ‘Just say NO’ will work less w/ criminal sociopaths than it did with casual drug users. (Sorry Nancy Reagan, you know I still love you!)

  2. I have a very “very” large boat sitting in the bay on the East Coast. When that boat is filled with idiots currently living here in the good ole USA, it will sail off in an easterly direction and never be seen again.

    What rock do these people live under?

    1. Hey, yo, don’ be shootin’ nobody yo!

      OR, for self defense:
      Hey, YO, don’ be shootin’ ME, YO!

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