The two Gonzaga students who were the victims of an attempted home invasion by a career felon wearing an ankle bracelet have been disarmed at the hands of Gonzaga campus security despite the fact their apartment is located off Gonzaga’s campus.

Career thug John Taylor.

The two men, Erik Fagan and Daniel McIntosh, faced expulsion even though Spokane police commended them on their actions in thwarting the attack by John Taylor, a career criminal.

The students have since been put on disciplinary probation for the rest of their school careers by the university which has faced a torrent of negative publicity over their heavy-handed reaction to the case.

Campus security took their firearms without a warrant and the students have now filed a police report citing the firearms as “stolen”.


Newspaper reports on this story:

Gonzaga students with guns placed on school probation Nov. 11, 2013

Gonzaga considers re-examination of weapons policy Nov. 9, 2013

Gonzaga students deter break-in with gun, which university seizes Nov. 9, 2013


4 thoughts on “Gonzaga students disarmed following armed citizen incident, now report guns stolen”
  1. Maybe they should have given a map to the thug of the dean’s house to test the Sheeple ED-u-cation conditioning sytems. You know – DO as I say , not as I do.

  2. Maybe the school can put up “SAFE ZONES” signs and practice shouting real loud at thugs.. STOP or I will shout STOP again.

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