Is gun ownership stagnating?

Anti-gun folks and the big, mainstream media would have you believe that a shrinking pool gun owners are buying all these guns and ammunition of late.


Just like they would have you believe Barack Obama supports your right to own a gun.

(Sarcasm off).

Well, folks, we are here to shine the light of truth on these anti-gun leftists who work tirelessly to recreate past tyrannies – at least until George Soros’ money runs out.

Let us introduce you to the newest and fastest growing segment of gun owners.

Girls with Guns.
Photo courtesy Des Plaines Daily Herald.


Des Plaines gun shop caters to women

(Daily Herald) – On a Saturday night in Des Plaines, about 20 women are hanging out, chatting about their families and snacking on a veggie platter and lemonade.

Amid the talk and laughter, something metal clinks as it hits the floor.

“Oops, here, you dropped this,” one woman says, bending down to pick up the bullet her friend dropped.

Bullets and guns are part of the party during the monthly ladies nights at Maxon, a Des Plaines gun range and retail store that’s seen a steady growth in the number of women showing up to shoot.

“We had such a flux of women coming in, we had to change our business dynamics,” said Maxon co-owner Claudia Levin, who started the ladies night events two years ago based on demand. “It was a male-dominated sport, but now that’s changing. There is no stereotypical shooter.”

What’s happening at Maxon mirrors a nationwide trend. In recent years, there’s been a surge in the number of young, urban women buying guns and doing target shooting, according to a new National Shooting Sports Foundation survey.

Kudos to Maxon, but they are hardly the only gun shop to noticed the sharp spike in numbers of women buying guns, many for the first time.



3 thoughts on “Meet the new face of gun ownership ;-)”
  1. I think women learning to protect themselves is more than just a right, but a responsibility. And I’m very happy to see more women finally taking this responsibility seriously.

    Carry on!

  2. Where can you buy that emblem(you can’t beat a woman) as a bumper/window sticker ? It’ll go well with the GSL stickers.

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