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Cougar attacked a horse on 1488 & Kickapoo Rd., which is near where I live. Friends and neighbors in our area, please beware…. This cat has been spotted on my neighbor’s property and is responsible for the death of at least one of their rheas. The horse that was attacked was, Cooter, and was actually the colt born by my mare, Leah. Cooter has been a mounted posse horse for many years now. This happened last Friday. Please note that if you see a big cat, DO NOT RUN! Please scream and wave your arms to make yourself as large as possible, but DO NOT RUN! They WILL chase you!

And they will catch you.

00 Buckshot makes a nice equalizer for non-domesticated four-legged felines.

This is in Vermillion County, IL.

8 thoughts on “Cougar attack in East Central Illinois”
  1. A mountain lion was spotted by a friend, East of Decatur, off of Sangamon Rd. this summer in his back yard. But ILDNR says that can’t be true.

  2. I saw a cougar a couple years ago in Iroquois county while moving some farm equipment. It was walking through corn stubble and didn’t have to jump over the tall stalks either. Since then others have seen it also. I only told one person about it and he said tracks had been found near another friend’s house in the country. YES there ARE cougars in this area.

  3. There have been reports of sighting of cougars and other big cats in Coles County for years. Usually out in the country.

  4. Has anyone actually read the Facebook post? It’s in the Houston, TEXAS area not Illinois!

  5. Then why does it say. , quote, ” This is in vermillion county Illinois. “. Then ??–“”–

  6. Amanda is correct. The original post is from Texas . Central IL is not the only place in the world with a Kickapoo . The part with IL is not from original post .

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