It’s amazing how Barack Obama distances himself from his own policies.

He’s sending the courageous (not) John Kerry to sign the Global Gun Control treaty.

Frankly, I believe it’s treasonous for him to do so.

Let’s make sure it doesn’t get ratified in the Senate.

(FoxNews) – Secretary of State John Kerry plans to sign a controversial U.N. treaty on arms regulation on Wednesday, a senior State Department official told Fox News — despite warnings from lawmakers that the Senate will not ratify the agreement.


3 thoughts on “John Kerry to sign UN gun treaty Wednesday”
  1. Lead from the back on his behind in the bathroom. Kerry has to sign it with his onw box of crayons.

  2. This makes it more important than ever to put a Republican in the White house…not only do we need to ensure that the Senate does not ratify it, but we need to have the next president repudiate, abrogate, vacate, disavow, or revoke this signature, so it’s not hanging around for some future Senate to quietly ratify at midnight when no one is paying attention…
    International law allows a State to make a sovereign act of repudiation or abrogation of any treaty. We need to actively pursue that, and make sure Shrillary doesn’t get into the pResidency.

  3. As a soldier in the U.S. Army I can not print my name here without
    there being repercussions.
    I will not however disarm American Citizens.
    I will not support any troops disarming American Citizens.
    I will forcibly resist such an order.

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