Chicago’s police superintendent, Garry McCarthy, claims that carrying a firearm is the gateway to committing murder.

“If people don’t go to jail for possession of a firearm, they don’t learn not to carry a firearm. Carrying a firearm is the gateway crime to committing a murder,” McCarthy said. “We’ve got more than 130 examples so far this year … of individuals who would’ve been incarcerated if that law was in effect.”

It sounds as though Garry McCarthy is talking about the people released by Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, charged under a law deemed unconstitutional by the Illinois State Supreme Court in a 9-0 decision.

This includes one man, Edward Hambrick, formerly of South Dakota, who had a South Dakota carry permit and a FOID card who was arrested and held for 14 months in Cook County jail because he wouldn’t take a plea bargain.

If carrying a firearm is a gateway to committing murder, why then do his police officers carry firearms?

I know I’ve carried a firearm for the last 13 plus years and not only have I not murdered anyone, I haven’t had any urges to do so.

To keep my blood pressure in check, I have to remember this is the same Garry McCarthy who said early this year that he would train his officers to shoot licensed civilians with guns.

He’s also had his fair share of problems with drinking and a hot temper, including at least one criminal conviction.

25 thoughts on “Chicago Police Chief: Carrying a firearm is gateway to murder”
  1. Don’t you wonder how these people ever got to be in positions of authority. In addition to the sad ones, there must be some very funny and interesting stories along the career path they followed.

  2. he’s a sock puppet poster symbol for liberals true motto ” starve a mind, feed an ego, choke a freedom

  3. McShitforbrains is scared. His force has been unable to keep the inner city animals in check, and he knows that once the GOOD citizens are allowed to protect themselves, crime rates will drop and his incompetence will be revealed.

  4. A car is a gateway for DWI, an alarm clock a gateway for running late. Dumbasses like him, a gateway to the murder capital of the USA!! Where have all the good guys gone??? Heaven help us…..meanwhile, carry locked and loaded

  5. Obviously this assho!e has never read the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or any case law regarding the issue.

    Tell ya what, Gary, ol’ buddy: I’ve been carrying for over 3 decades, “legally” or not, as I don’t need a “government permission slip” (that you claim wouldn’t stop your hitmen from killing law-abiding citizens, anyway) to exercise a RIGHT that you may not infringe upon.

    On top of that, in my line of HONEST employment, I’ve carried in your “gun free” city more times than I can count, and the only time I had to draw my weapon, thankfully I didn’t have to shoot. But if I would have, I’d have been safe, because; a.) I was justified; b.) the criminal, like most, was a pussy coward; and c.) your department doesn’t have what I would call a stellar record of apprehending violent criminals.

    To quote Elwood Blues: “I hate Illinois NAZIs”.

  6. If what these two idiots say is true (and it is NOT), why has crime DROPPED in every place that open carry is allowed? If te people off Chicago “buy” this BS, then they deserve what they get! Also, to be fair, the people are as much to blame! They do not speak out, do not ID the violators! THAT is so much BS also! The people KNOW who the criminals are! And the courts/lawyers must also share some of the blame! Thank God I do NOT live in Chicago!

  7. I have carried for almost 40 years, and have not fired a shot in self and/or property defense. I have drawn a firearm 7 times , but they all backed down.

  8. Don’t take to much stock in what ole McShitforbrains has to say. I got a feeling that he will be Rohm’s scapegoat by the end of the year. He’ll be heading back east with his tail between his legs. Bye Bye!

  9. The reason that’s true in Chicago is because carrying one is illegal, so only criminals with bad intentions carry them.

    His narrow and ignorant viewpoint that that means law abiding citizens carrying will start murdering is based on fantasy. Concealed carry permit holders are one of the most law abiding subsets of citizens in the world…more law abiding than police officers actually.

  10. What ever happened to Edward Hambrick? 14 months for not taking a plea deal is extreme. Sounds like a civil rights case to me.

    For this person (I say that lightly) to be a police officer is a slap in the face to good people everywhere.

  11. These same fools have been saying for years that marijuana was a gateway drug, but since that’s been debunked, it’s being legalized all over the country. When do these liberal/progressives ever figure out they’re wrong AND stupid?

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