The old expression that the more you stir pooh, the more it stinks.

They’ve not heard that at Smith Enterprises, who hired an attorney and filed suit against a man for posts made on the forum about some problems Smith was having with their receivers.

Smith Enterprises doesn’t know much about public relations either.  And we thought Troy Industries were inept in the PR department.

You can see the legal pleading here.

While a cursory look over the documents (and we’re not lawyers here, nor did we stay at Holiday Inn Express last night) shows what we believe to be a thin case presented by Smith Enterprises of libel.

They don’t demonstrate, in our opinion, a clear and convincing case of the disparaging comments causing their company harm.

However, news of their heavy-handed approach to dealing with an online critic has us scratching our heads and has spread like wildfire across gun forums.

Are they really that incompetent at Smith Industries?  Do they really think this will “protect” their reputation?


One thought on “Smith Enterprises hasn’t heard about stirring pooh”
  1. Sure seems like more and more firearms companies that used to be owned and managed by firearms enthusiasts and patriots are now being run by short-sighted “managers”.

    Don’t you miss the good old days?

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