In Chicago:

(Breitbart) – No matter how Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendant Garry McCarthy spin it by touting overall crime being down in the city, the numbers for 2013 are still horrifying.

The website, which keeps some pretty interesting data regarding Chicago crime statistics, reports that the city saw 53 homicides in August, with 41 deaths and 224 wounded as a result of shootings.

The August crime wave ended on a tragic note, with 11 people shot and killed over Labor Day weekend; more than 25 more were shot and wounded.

So, you ready to schedule that vacation to Chicago:  the city of high taxes, high prices, and high crime?  Go for it.  Hope you’re not around when they drop some chlorine in the gene pool.


Mary Sanchez on Chicago from the South Carolina State newspaper:

(The State) – Do you really want to solve the violent crime problem? Start by recognizing that guns travel. They go unimpeded from jurisdictions where they are easily gotten to places where they are not. Violence stays put.

Easy access to guns is just the icing. It’s the explosive fuse atop a long stack of community woes. There’s a 20th-century problem we haven’t solved: the inequality between races, between city and suburb, between ghetto and the leafier urban districts that Americans are falling in love with again. Every shooting in Chicago should remind us that we have failed.


Hat tip to Days of our Trailers with a wonderful summation of Sanchez’s piece:  “Disarm Because Poor Blacks Can’t Be Trusted”

Also, h/t to DOOT for the link for the next one as well…


In Charlotte:

(Charlotte Observer) – Charlotte’s recent spate of violence took a new twist Thursday night when gunfire broke out at an anti-violence vigil in the city’s Villa Heights neighborhood.

Four people were injured, but police say none of the victims’ injuries is considered life-threatening. No arrests have been announced.

Mothers of Murdered Offspring sponsored the vigil, calling attention to last Thursday’s death of Javon Booker, who police say was fatally shot when he allegedly tried to rob a convenience store on Tom Hunter Road in north Charlotte. The service took place in the 2500 block of Pinckney Avenue, a block south of Matheson Avenue.

Shortly after 10:30 p.m., police were called by someone at the vigil who said a person pulled a gun and began firing at people.

Imagine that?  A “vigil” against violence.  Put on my MOMO.  Mothers of Murdered Offspring.

The catalyst?  The passing of an armed robber shot in self-defense by a convenience store clerk in fear for his life.

The message?  Don’t shoot down “our” violent predatory criminal “children”.

Shove it MOMO.

It should have been a celebration marking the end of an oxygen thief…  a celebration of an early exit for a non-productive scumbag who would have been a burden on society until his death.

At the vigil were additional oxygen thieves, it would seem.  Darwin tried to thin the herd some more, but he missed.  Alas, we’re confident a little more chlorine in that city’s respective gene pool and those involved will turn up dead – just as they are turning their lives around, no doubt.

No mention of outrage from the non-productive members of society belonging to Momo about this latest violence.




Scroll on down for a graphic shot of a recent Chicago homicide…





(Last chance to bail out)



We warned you.

Homicide isn’t pretty.

Don’t let this be one of your family photos on vacation. Avoid Chicago.