Chicago’s Murder Mayor Rahm Emanuel picked a Democrat muslim guy with close relationships to islamic terror to be his comptroller in Chicago.  This guy is bad news.  Bad, bad news.

Well, he rather suddenly resigned a couple of weeks ago, claiming he only obligated himself to work for Rahm for two years.

Yeah, right.

Chicago (Tribune) – When Amer Ahmad abruptly resigned as city comptroller about three weeks ago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel heaped praise on his hand-picked aide for helping him “reform government” in Chicago.

On Thursday, Ahmad was indicted in Ohio on federal corruption charges in what prosecutors described as a more than $500,000 kickback scheme involving state investment business while he served as deputy treasurer and chief financial officer there.

…The alleged scheme Ohio prosecutors outlined went on from January 2009 to January 2011, a few months before Ahmad joined Emanuel as comptroller.

According to the indictment, Ahmad steered state investment business to a broker whose firm made $3.2 million in commissions on 360 trades on behalf of the Ohio treasurer’s office. The broker, Douglas E. Hampton, a high school classmate who had served as Ahmad’s investment adviser since 1996, allegedly funneled more than $400,000 in the form of phony loans to a landscaping business owned by Ahmad and Chicagoan Joseph Chiavaroli, prosecutors said.

In addition, Hampton allegedly steered $123,000 in money disguised as legal fees to Mohammed Noure Alo, a lawyer and lobbyist who was a “close personal friend and business associate” of Ahmad, prosecutors said.

Ahmad is charged with money laundering, conspiracy, honest services wire fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering, federal program bribery and making false statements, prosecutors said.

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This guy is bad news, with no shortage of terror connections…

Townhall:  Why is Ohio Dem Hanging with Islamic Extremists?

One of Ahmad’s most questionable decisions was to spend his July 4 holiday as the keynote speaker at a dinner sponsored by Amana Funds, a Sharia-compliant mutual fund company whose co-founder and current trustee Yaqub Mirza was targeted for terrorist connections in an FBI raid in 2002, as were two other longtime trustees, Iqbal Unus and Jamal Barzinji. (Barzinji left the board in 2001.)

According to an FBI affidavit, Amana’s co-founder Mirza was paymaster for an Islamic charity that funneled millions to Hamas. Mirza signed at least three checks totaling over $300,000 from the account of Safa Trust, which were given to the Holy Land Foundation. HLF was eventually shut down for supporting Hamas, and its founders were sentenced last year to lengthy prison terms for terrorism-related convictions.


Jawa ReportOhio Treasurer’s Muslim CFO Amer Ahmad hands out no-bid contracts, state jobs to fellow Islamic extremists, attends terror tied Noor mosque

Several articles have appeared in the past week in the Ohio media concerning accusations against the Ohio Treasurer’s CFO and deputy treasurer, Amer Ahmad, that he has handed out no-bid contracts and state jobs to Islamic extremist friends associated with the terror-tied Noor Islamic Cultural Center, where he and his family attend.


Furthermore, we reported on this months ago…



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