“At least it wasn’t my head up there today…”
Governor Clueless Quinn at a press conference.

Governor Patrick Quinn, the clueless, inept and bumbling Illinois chief executive, signed HB-1189 yesterday – a bill to end private transfers of guns between individuals.  The bill also mandates the reporting of lost or stolen firearms within 72-hours of the loss, effectively penalizing gun owners a second time if their guns are stolen and they don’t detect it right away.

The only people affected by this legislation are the law-abiding Illinois residents.

“Guns are a plague on too many of our communities,” Quinn said at his big press conference.

No, governor.  Anti-gun politicians are a plague on our entire state, handicapping the good guys against those criminal predators who ignore basic societal norms against murder, rape and robbery.

“This commonsense law will help our law enforcement crack down on crime and make our streets safer,” Quinn touted.

If Governor Quinn were really interested in making Illinois safer, he’d prod his State Police to begin issuing carry licenses right away and quit their foot-dragging on the matter.


16 thoughts on “Quinn signs bill to end private transfers; calls it a “loophole””
  1. Any chance someone could give us a run down of this new law?

    Can a friend still legally borrow my pistol when we go to the range?

  2. I wonder if he’s one of those politicians that when you look into their eyes you can see the back wall of his skull ?

  3. More laws from the Democrats to increase costs to lawful firearm owners with the ultimate goal of pricing Illinois citizens out gun ownership.

    Question: Will this new law bar a firearm owner from passing down, giving firearms to relatives or friends of the family?

    “Those buyers must have a firearm owners identification (FOID) card, which is issued by Illinois state police to applicants who pass a screening of state criminal and mental health records. The seller must then call a state-run hotline to check that a buyer’s FOID card is valid before making the sale.

    Under the new law, gun sales or transfers between private parties, including those that take place online, will have to follow the same system.”


  5. The first I had heard of that bill was when I read on a form last night that quinn had signed it.

  6. Better get the HELL out of this state before they pass a law to keep us here. This has turned into a F%^&**^G communist state.

  7. This was a bone thrown to the anti’s during the CCW debates. It’s all bark and no bite. The private sale ban has no criminal penalties and there have been no prosecutions of ‘lost and stolen’ in any state that’s passed one. Now Colleen Daley, Mark Walsh and the other dingbats at the ICHV can declare a ‘win’ and Quinn can keep distracting from the disaster of our economy.

  8. Based on how I read the bill’s history, that is because it was originally an amendment to the sex-offender registration legislation, but that part was removed and the change to the foid act was inserted by Kwami the tool…er Raoul as an amendment when it was introduced to the senate. It just shows that anti-gunners see lawful gun owners on the same level as convicted sex-offenders, and that they are willing to use all sorts of shady maneuvering to hide their actions and sneak things in.

  9. I wish the ill-lustrious “Clueless” Quinn would explain how this idiotic “law” will be enforced. If I have a firearm that I want to sell and my friend (the buyer) has the money for it, how is “Clueless” or his “gestapo” going to find out about the “transaction”? Guess that would make me, a law-abiding individual, an “outlaw”.

  10. How did this get through the cracks of the gun rights community?

    Seems like we would have fought this at an earlier stage than the Governor’s desk.

    1. How did this get through the cracks of the gun rights community?

      The gun rights community looked the other way.

      I am calling for a “NEW” no compromise gun rights group in illinois.

  11. That GOvernor could have a second job after leaving. IF they remake Hogan’s Heroes he’s the original Sgt Schutz without changing a thing.

  12. How does this end private transfers if all I’m doing is validating a FOID card? Illinois law already requires that I keep a record of the purchasers foid information and the serial number of the firearm I sold. This law allows me verify I’m not selling a gun to a person who I shouldn’t.

  13. Why was this bill allowed to become law without a fight?

    Some are saying the law as no teeth but if you dont use the background check system you can be held liable if a gun is miss used.

    This smells like another compromise stunt by the NRA/ISRA. If I can prove it is they will have received the last dollar from me they will ever get

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