There’s hope after all to counter the Illinois State Police slow-walking implementation of Illinois’ new carry law.

It’s been a month and all the Illinois State Police have done is announce that applications will be available for submission on January 4, 2014, and they will *begin* approval of certified firearms instructors and training courses on September 7th.

At the current rate of implementation, we might well expect the ISP to approve one or two instructors and/or courses every two months!

Our hope is that the Seventh Circuit will see the ISP’s slow-walk and offer a remedy within a few months.

CHICAGO (Peoria Journal-Star — A Chicago federal appeals court isn’t letting Illinoisans immediately tote firearms in public under the state’s fledging concealed-carry law, but says it will give the matter a speedy review.

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last week turned down the emergency injunction request by gun-rights advocates who wanted Illinois gun owners to be able carry concealed weapons now instead of waiting months for the permitting process to be set up.

Mary Shepard and the Illinois State Rifle Association say the wait is unreasonable and unconstitutional.

The 7th Circuit will hear the case, but hasn’t scheduled arguments.

The Illinois Legislature passed the last-in-the-nation concealed carry law July 9 against the governor’s objections. Illinois State Police have 180 days to set up the process and another 90 days to process applications.

While some at the Illinois State Police have claimed they would give a good faith effort to implement the new law in a timely manner, thus far we’ve seen nothing but inaction.

4 thoughts on “Hope after all to put an end to State Police slow-walking carry implementation”
  1. With ISP in the Governor’s pocket did we really expect they would try and move this along? The whole Illinois system is a joke !

  2. States without any training do not have any more accidents or crime regarding carry permit holders than those that do. Training is there to limit the number of people with permits. Period. There is no evidence otherwise. It’s simply discrimination against those than can’t afford it. And an excuse for delay.

  3. It is not like they haven’t had plenty of time to prepare for this. At the current rate, I expect to finally get my CCW just in time to renew my FOID in 2019!

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