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My favorite:  Carjackings are nothing more than vehicular redistribution.  Share your wealth.

Once again, a reminder of what happens to young teens who attack people and try to bash their heads into a sidewalk…

If we had more cases like this, perhaps young people like this one would think twice before mounting people and punching their daylights out.

Then again, if young people like this one had decent parents and not gang-banging fathers and disinterested mothers, they wouldn’t be under the impression they could beat someone’s head onto a sidewalk.

3 thoughts on “Trayvon supporters: Why we should support “Duty to Retreat””
  1. All the other jobs under OBAMAA’s care is only part time 29 hours. You can be a disadvantaged thug and get a waiver to work full time in the thug nation. It takes a “VILLAGE” to raise a wolf.

  2. That’s raciss’

    You’re supposed to show his baby picture, not what he actually looked like when he found justice.

  3. Oh. I didn’t. Know he was that big a person. Wonder who is wearing those nice. Shoes Now ???? –“”–

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