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GSL Defense Training, LLC is offering its 16-hour+ NRA Personal Protection in the Home course for $150 per person for the August 17-18 training date at the DeWitt County Sportsmen’s Club.

Learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes to use your personal defense firearm to defend your home, family and self from violent attack from easily the best NRA-certified training team in Illinois, GSL Defense Training, LLC.  With fifteen instructors from wide and diverse backgrounds ranging from retired federal law-enforcement training to executive protection to highly-trained everyday people who teach from a passion to share personal defense tactics to save lives, you’ll learn from skilled instructors who can teach you and build confidence.   If you’re a newer shooter we’ll help you drink from a firehose of information and tactics.  If you’re a long-time experienced shooter, we’ll help you review the fundamentals, eliminate wasted movement and tighten your groups.  Learn the fundamentals of how to fight with your firearm, in addition to the legal aspects of the judicious use of deadly force.

You’ll also be reviewing firearm safety and so very much more.

This is a one-time offer valid for this date and location only.  With the passage of the new law and its requirements for training, it’s not likely to be repeated again.

Here’s the full description

Firearm training for everyone.

If you know little or nothing about using or storing a gun, we’re the ones that can help you!  You’ll feel a good deal more secure, comfortable and confident  handling a firearm after taking GSL Defense Training, LLC coursework.

We offer a host of classes to serve not only beginners, but also experienced shooters as well.   If you’re a new gun owner, want to overcome anxiety related to firearm use or ownership, or just want to have a solid foundation of training before you rely on a firearm for personal defense, we can help.

We have over one dozen experienced instructors, male and female, from diverse backgrounds who are all patient, skilled and knowledgeable to help you improve your ability to safely use your handgun effectively and efficiently.


GSL Defense Training’s
National Rifle Association Personal Protection in the Home

Course goal: To develop the basic knowledge, skills and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family, and to provide information on the right to self-defense.  This class covers a review of the NRA gun safety rules, how to use firearms responsibly and ethically for personal protection, as well as developing the proper mindset for using a firearm for personal defense and when facing a life-threatening encounter.  Also covered will be mental awareness, how to avoid becoming a victim, strategies for home safety, responding to a violent confrontation in your home and basic defensive shooting tactics.  We’ll teach you gun ownership laws and more importantly, an in-depth discussion on the judicious use of deadly force including when deadly force is justified against “unarmed” aggressors.

Additional topics and activities included by GSL Defense Training above and beyond the NRA Personal Protection in the Home Course:  We will discuss interactions with potential assailants, the moral and ethical decision-making involved with deadly force, malfunction clearing drills and weapon retention strategies.  Also, post-shooting interventions with witnesses, responding & investigating officers, the media and others will be covered.  We will included a final shooting scenario to incorporate the lessons students have learned into a real-life shooting exercise.

Students will spend several hours on the range with live-fire both days. Students will fire approximately 250 rounds.

A Firearms Owners ID Card is recommended, but NOT REQUIRED.  Novice shooters are welcome!

This course not only satisfies the training requirement for Florida, Arizona and other state carry licenses, but will also serve as a strong foundation for future development of your personal shooting and self-defense skills.  It will likely count for 8-hours of the 16 required for the new Illinois carry license.

Registration includes lunch, drinks, range fees, safety equipment (as needed) and the NRA-required student packet of materials.  AZ and FL non-resident permit-to-carry applications are also included, along with a long list of bonus materials from GSL Defense Training.

Tuition:  $150*

Class Locations:  Near Clinton, IL  (A map and directions, along with hotel recommendations will be sent with class welcome materials after registration has been received.)

* For this course only.  No buy one, get one half-price for this offer.


To register:  Download and print out THIS registration form, or if you have our ad from GunNews, cut out the form, indicate you wish to receive the $150 Special Offer for the August 17-18 class date.  Submit the completed form along with a check and we’ll mail you back a welcome letter with a map and directions to the range, a list of things recommended for you to bring if you have them, and hotel accommodations if you’re inclined to spend the night.


Here’s what our students are saying…

“Gun class was… the most liberating and empowering feeling in the world.  Absolute top notch.  GREAT class.  Great guys.”

“The best part of the class was the encouragement and assistance to overcome my fears.  Excellently done.”

“I learned so much more than expected and had fun at the same time. All of the instructors were so friendly and helpful. I truly enjoyed the class and I didn’t think I would. I am now comfortable handling weapons. Thank you so much!”

“The instructors were friendly, patient and able.  Well done!”

“It was a great couples weekend.”

“15 years of shooting and I thought I knew a lot.  Boy, was I wrong!  Thanks.”

“Before I came here, I was so apprehensive about firing my guns that it was physically affecting me and my confidence.  By the end of the weekend I feel safe around my family’s guns and anxious to practice more.  Thank you so much!”

“Course content is rich in detail, presented by excellent trainers and made me a more informed and qualified gun owner.”

“The breadth and depth of information was fabulous!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It gave me confidence in my abilities with my new pistol and made shooting fun. I was scared at first, but the wonderful instructors helped me overcome my fears.”



3 thoughts on “SAVE $100: GSL Defense Training’s NRA Personal Protection in the Home for $150 per person”
  1. This was an excellent course. Really helps to build shooting knowledge about safety using your firearm, and the law. I took the course at Dewitt Cty. Sportsmans Club on April 13 and 14. Instructors were superb. I hope this will count for a concealed carry permit course. Either way it was a good experience.

  2. This was a good deal! Because for a cheap price, you can experience the GSL Defense Training. It was really cool and important that you have a personal protection in your home. Hopefully my shooting knowledge will build here. Exciting!

  3. This is some of the best training for the money I have seen. Great instructors in a family friendly atmosphere with no one trying to hard sell anything. The instructors and students all have a great time learning the skills that will help you make your family and yourself safer in any situation.
    Come on out and be prepared to have a good time.

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